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Gift Ideas for the Musically Inclined

This post is a little late since Christmas already came and went, but I think it’s still a good topic to write about since it doesn’t have to be Christmas to give someone a gift, right?

Music is a big part of our lives. We hear music blasting from the jeepney radio as we are on commute or put our headphones on as we tune in to our playlists when we’re headed to work. A lot of people play instruments or learn how to play one so they could cover their favorite songs. I, for one, learned to play the guitar so I could do song covers when I have the time and I feel like it. Here are some gift ideas for the musically inclined.

The most common instrument people learn to play, in my opinion, is the guitar. Here in the Philippines, you can practically purchase a guitar anywhere. There are music shops where you can buy affordable guitars for beginners and professionals alike. I remember purchasing mine for Php1,500 only which came with a pick-up, case, and strap. I’ve also seen ones for only Php999, although some would say they aren’t that great, I think they’re pretty good for learning.

Learning to play the piano has been a dream since I was a kid. I signed up for lessons when I was in high school but only stuck with it for 2 months. I can read notes but it would take a while for me to decipher a piece. Electric organs can be bought in malls for Php4,999. I’ve considered purchasing one for myself, so I could practice and teach myself when I have the time.

Flutes aren’t that common here in the Philippines but they aren’t hard to find either. If you’re you’re interested to learn, you may want to check out student flute at music123. The thing with wind instruments is that you’d have to learn how to breath properly so you wouldn’t run out of breathe while playing.

For the past years, I’ve noticed that there has been quite an increase with Ukulele enthusiasts. I was and still is interested in learning how to play a Ukulele, but when found out how much one would cost, I had to think it over. It’s not as cheap as a guitar, but I would still like to try it some day.