The Past (2011-2020)

Get out of the house, get involved in a car accident

I haven’t gone out of the house in weeks because I didn’t have any plans and the weather was so hot, I didn’t feel like making plans or go anywhere. I was scheduled for a job interview somewhere in Libis last Tuesday afternoon. Libis, so far from where I live, I know. That story is reserved for another day.

Mom gave me 1.1k before I left, she gave me 200 the day before. I left the house 2 hours before my scheduled interview, gassed up 1k to be sure I won’t run out and gas is cheaper here than in the city. I was 5 minutes away from my destination when it happened. BOOM!

My dear Scarlet. 🙁

I was in a U-turn lane, 3rd from the line, when I heard and felt the crash. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “SHIT” and then this happened in my head: What to do. Check self. Am I hurt? No. Does anything hurt? No. I’m fine. Don’t move the car. Hit the hazard button. Should I get out? Should I wait? No one else is getting out. Wait, they’re out. I should check the damage on my car.

I opened my the car door and stepped out, checked the rear and asked the others what happened. I didn’t see which car was behind me beforehand. A woman was talking to the guy who was in front of me and she was explaining what happened. She was clearly in shock. She said she remembers the red car was in front of her and the truck/van was behind her. She drives this green Honda City.


From my understanding, this is what happened. The L300 van crashed on the Honda, the impact caused it to hit my car, then hit the L300 that just made the turn, and was finally stopped by the concrete barriers as seen above.

A glimpse of the L300 on the left, and the lucky Chevy car on the right.

The chevy was the car in front of me, lucky for him, his car only had minor scratches and he asked the investigator if he could leave as he had no plans of suing anyone. I guess he was in a hurry.

The L300 van that hit us.

The L300 that just made a turn.
Inside my car. All the things in my dashboard fell.

I had to cancel my job interview to take car of this. What a hassle and waste of time. We waited around 2 hours for the investigator from Camp Karingal to arrive and then we headed to the Camp where they gave us a piece of paper with questions we needed to answer. Then the investigation started. I had to pay 200 for the notarization of papers, I also spent a lot on drinks and food. The weather was so hot that I had to drink every 30 minutes.

I thank God that no one was seriously harmed. The lady driving the Honda City was escorted to the hospital by her family. She said she had an x-ray to be sure that nothing was broken. He car received the most damage.
I thank God that the damage on my car is only in the rear, it can be fixed. I guess He has other plans for me. 🙂