The Past (2011-2020)

Friends, Food, Fun and Fotos

The past few weeks have been uneventful and I spent my days taking care of my dogs and watching on-going US TV shows. I spent Valentine’s day by marathoning Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Andy Whitfield was my date and it was awesome. [RIP Whitfield, I regret not learning about you sooner :'(]

One day, I had a craving for salad. My mom bought lettuce and boneless chicken thighs and this was what I ate for the whole day.

This Japanese dressing is soooo good!

Let’s jump to last Friday where Mia and I didn’t make it to her taping and headed to Banchetto instead. We wanted to get Forget-me-nut from UNO Burgers again and even invited a couple of friends to join us.

The patty was so tender and the peanut butter was oozing.
Mia with the burger. LOL

Jepoy and Glen arrived an hour later, they each bought those huge pizzas and had a forget-me-nut to share. They’re pizza people and only tried the burger because we told them to. 😀


Mukha talagang babae si Jepoy.
Jepoy, the 1:43 honorary member/number 1 fan

After hanging out and trolling each other in Banchetto, we headed to Metrowalk where we spent the next few hours with more trolling in Iceberg’s.

Mia and Glen
I had this Oreo Parfait thing.
Jepoy’s strawberry sundae
They wanted to check out this sex shop but it was already closed.
Did I mention Jepoy lent gave me his spare Canon S5? XD

So I’ve been trying to learn how to shoot photos manually.

This is Damon hiding under the table. I just zoomed in and used flash.

I like how bright this is. 😀
I tried again with this bracelet inside my DIY lightbox
Kylie is pregnant again.
Sydney is so cute.
Another photo of Sydney.  
Cyndi and Simba
Sydney and Kendo

Kendo is old already. Look at those white hair!
Sydney looks like her father. :3

Simba is tired. 🙁

One of their favorite stuffed toys.

Kendo, Simba and MJ! LOL

I was testing changing aperture and shutter speed,
and learned how to make bokeh!
He was sleeping, then woke up and stood.

And then he rolled.
Including this photo because I think it’s cute :3
I liked this one because Damon looks like a ghost. 😀
RIP stuffed toy. 🙁

That’s all. I need more practice but it gets tiring and I get lazy but I do enjoy learning how the camera manually. I also need a toy to practice on; the dogs move too much. Hahaha!