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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 005

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I forgot to publish my happy things last week, I had it prepared and then forgot all about it. So this week, I’ve combined two weeks worth of happy things but still just listing 10. 😛

Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a link-up created by Helga, where we list the things that made us happy during the week (or in my case, the past 2 weeks).

  1. Two Saturdays ago, as mentioned in my last F10HT, I met up with 2 groups of bookish girlfriends. The 1st one was just a simple hang out sesh at Milky Cow in Eastwood.
    Bookish Girls At Milky Cow EastwoodWe also had late lunch at Katsu Sora and did a little raffle thing where I won Murder Most Unladylike.
    Lunch at Katsu Sora EastwoodIn the middle of lunch, I received a call from another friend inviting me to join the rest of the group in watching Magic Mike XXL at SM MoA.
    Bookish Girls at SM MoA CinemaI had to pass by my lola’s house in Pasig to get the Hand-Lettering Ledger book I bought from my cousin. I came from Las Piñas, went to Eastwood, Pasig, and MoA, then went back home to Las Piñas.
  2. I did a little auditing on my book blog and signed up for a couple of book tours for the week. I’m working on writing reviews of books I read last year. x.x
  3. I am so happy I am on time with work hours for 2 weeks. I had been having a hard time finishing 7 hours a day, I usually end up just doing 5-6 hours which means I have to work on the weekends to make up for lost time. I actually finished my hours on time and I informed my employer that I’ll be working overtime watching that video tutorial we need. YAS!
  4. Hot days that feels like summer, Richard!pug would troll around the water basins so I had him and Damon!pug go for a little swim. I was not able to capture the part where Richard!pug was swimming but got this instead:

  5. A couple of weeks ago, we stumbled upon a kiosk of organic products in SM Southmall and I saw pet products that we really needed. We bought the soap and pet balm for Kendo’s super dry skin. After a couple of days of using the balm on Kendo, his skin has been better. He rarely scratches the itchy parts and the redness has disappeared. The dry spots on his ears have cleared as well.
  6. I’m such a video junkie! I finally finished re-watching Heroes last week. I had also been “live tweeting” about it. I just had to air out my opinions. I’ve also been watching movies a lot this week.
  7. I am following this new loveteam that formed in Eat Bulaga. It’s Alden and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza, dubsmash girl), or simple #AlDub. Their first “encounter” was so cute and every day just keeps getting better. They make me giggle every single day. Call me corny, I dun ker. 😛
  8. Last week I went to an old friend’s new cafe/lifestyle lounge in BF Homes Parañaque. It’s a really cool place to hang out in, but it’s quite far from where the jeepney passes so I have to take another tricycle to get there. I had their version of Butterbeer though and it was good. YUM!
    Butterbeer at Swivel Lifestyle Lounge
  9. Got the chocolates from my BFF. She’s the sweetest. We didn’t get the chance to bond lately but it’s okay. We’ll have other days.
  10. Have I mentioned I joined Global Pen Pals on Facebook? I have quite a number of girls to write to. I bought postcards from Papemelroti yesterday and I’m sending them out on Monday. I wanted to  make my own postcards, like the pictures from my “travels” but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Plus I think it would cost more? IDK.

How was your week like? Join the fun. 🙂