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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 003

Friday's 10 Happy Things 3

Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a weekly meme created by Helga, where we contemplate the things that made us smile (or laugh) during the week.

  • On a gloomy Monday, I picked up my ukulele again and started learning Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. I thought I was doing pretty good at it, so I recorded myself singing. But being my usual easily distracted self, I forgot the words near the end. Hahaha!Here’s the video, and if you can’t stand my singing, please skip till the end of the song because there’s a surprise appearance!
  • We had no food in the house so I went to Jollibee to have lunch. I had Garlic Pepper Beef with Lumpiang Shanghai. AND French Fries. I’m such a glutton!
  • Adult coloring books. I’ve downloaded some free pages that needs to be printed so I can actually start coloring.
  • On Wednesday, I picked up my guitar again to play songs that I find hard to play in the ukulele. So basically this week’s obsession is playing musical instruments. The ukulele is supposed to be easier to play, but there are chords that I haven’t learned yet or my fingers are having a hard time reaching, so I switch to guitar. XD

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  • I love the cold weather because it means I can stand to drink hot tea! I still have that box of Twinning’s Camomile & Honey which tastes really good and doesn’t even need sugar.
  • We’re running a little low on funds because I didn’t withdraw my salary yet. I’m saving it for rent and utilities. Mom met up with one of her best friends and she gave mom grocery money. So nice. #blessed
  • Every single day I see dog videos in my Facebook feed, and this week this “dancing dog” made me smile and giggle because its so cute!
  • Have I mentioned it’s still raining? Well, it has its effect with my dogs. They’re all cuddly! They would randomly squeeze themselves beside me and curl up.

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  • Writing “content” other than this meme. LOL. I seriously have a lot of things to write about, I’m just too busy (and lazy, of course) to do actual writing. But I’ll eventually get back on it, since I’m always online anyway.
  • Playing this logic game called REBUS. I’ve had it on my phone in a while but opened it earlier today. It’s totally challenging and good exercise for the brain. I’m kind of stuck in a level though. XD

So what 10 happy things happened in your life this week? Leave a comment below or join the fun by adding your post in the linky.