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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 001

10 Happy Things Week 1 | Nickle Loves to Blog

Ha! I’m sort of back. Still trying to get back into blogging, I decided to start with joining Helga‘s blog link-up, where we list 10 things that made us smile (or laugh) this week.

  1. Caving/spelunking and swimming with a new group of people at Malangaan Cave and Spring in San Rafael, Bulacan last Sunday. It was hard but felt so good. My muscles hurt till Wednesday morning!Malangaan Cave Exploration, San Rafael, Bulacan | Nickle Loves to Blog
  2. Finishing Grimm season 4, Orphan Black season 3, and Orange is the New Black season 3. Accomplishments.
  3. Furbabies who think they’re funny. I havetonsofpuggery pictures that I don’t get to share.
    Damon Stepping On My Face, Then Sleeps on Top Of Me | Nickle Loves to Blog
    No, he’s not looking at my boobs.
    Selfie with Kylie On Top Of Me | Nickle Loves to Blog
    Kylie on top of me
    Kendo and Daphne in a Chair | Nickle Loves to Blog
    Daphne insists that they fit in the chair

    Richard, Sleeping Pug | Nickle Loves to Blog
    Richard trying to sleep
  4. Satisfying my Jollibee cravings by having Jolly Spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog for merienda on Wednesday.
  5. Visited my BFF at her place of work (5-minutes walk from the house) and catching up / laughing our arses off at making fun of each other and sharing stories we missed in each other’s lives. I promised to visit her every Tuesday so the story sharing doesn’t pile up.
  6. Daily Facebook chat with my crazy travel buddies. We talk about the craziest things. From flirting and boy problems to travel plans, and making fun of each other.

    Crazy Travel Buddies, San Andres Quezon
    Crazy bitches / travel buddies
  7. Aside from finishing 3 seasons of 3 different US series, I also got to watch a bunch of movies. Mrs. Doubtfire, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Pitch Perfect 2, August Rush, Tangled, Laggies, and God Help The Girl.
  8. Despite the seemingly procrastinating week, I was still able to accomplish my workload without any wasted time. It’s different / unusual, but with my current job, I work better when the TV is on, otherwise I’d get sleepy and stop working.
  9. I got a new bag from mom’s cousin. It’s so pretty and chic, I think the word for it is bohemian. I’m not sure. I don’t know these things.
  10. This video of Corgi puppies.

There you have it. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with 10 Happy Things because I’m a work-at-home mom to my furbabies. My life is basically work, eat, and sleep during weekdays. But this is a good exercise, to appreciate the little things.

What are your 10 Happy Things this week? Come join the fun.

Edit: A previous version of this post doesn’t have the picture with friends