The Past (2011-2020)

Found A Good Hardbound Book on Sale

I found this tutorial on how to make a hollow book a while back. I wanted to make one but I can’t find a hardbound book that’s cheap and thick enough to be turned into one. Plus I don’t want to get any random hardbound book on sale in the bookstore.

Earlier, I passed by National Bookstore to browse and they had a table full of books on sale. I didn’t like any of it and some were still over three hundred pesos. Then when I was about to go out, I saw another table full of hardbound books that were on sale for 99 pesos and they’re marked down to 70 pesos! I looked at the titles, searched for something I might like, then I found this:

Brisingr is the 3rd novel in the Inheritance Cycle. I haven’t read any of it but I’ve seen Eragon the movie and I am very interested in the story. One day I’ll get around to finally reading the series. I wonder why it was on sale and then marked down
It’s thick!
I haven’t decided if I’ll do this soon or if I should read it first. The good thing with Brisingr is that it has a synopsis of Eragon and Eldest. I like reading an actual book, but I’ve learned to be practical since I only get time to read when I’m about to sleep or when I’m waiting, so I read e-books now. Even my mom was surprised when I told her I bought a new book. Maybe I’ll try to practice my speedreading skills using this.
As for making it hollow, I want to make compartments, not just have a big hole inside the book. Should I keep the cover jacket or not? And I am still undecided what to make use of it. Jewelry box? I don’t know. Whatever. I just want to make one.