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#FlashbackFriday : My Trip to Jakarta in 2005

I had the sudden urge to visit my old blog from 2005, back when I treated blogging as my diary, where I write uber random things and the writing style would surely annoy any present blogger. I considered importing the whole things here for the sake of “having proof” that I’ve been blogging for a decade already (started in 2003 by coding the posts manually and then moved to in 2004), but that wouldn’t be advisable as my posts back then were ramblings of a 20-year old blogging newb. So I decided to re-publish some notable personal posts instead, like my trip to Jakarta in 2005. You know, to relive the memories. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am posting it as it is, with a little reformatting to make it more presentable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First published in August 29, 2005

finally! scanned all the photos from Jakarta trip. it’s been more than 10 years since my last out-of-country trip so i was really excited for this one. took lots of pics. kinda. i felt so ignorant. ok, so here it is.. (note: time is Philippine based. GMT+8)

Philippine Airlines flight PR501 Manila – Singaporeย – Jakarta Aug. 19, 2005

my baggage.. XD
my baggage.. XD

Aug. 20

10:00am – mom woke me up to get ready 12:00pm – we headed for inflight i had to wait for a few minutes before we board their shuttle bus to the airport, so i took pictures! ๐Ÿ˜›

101 102
NAIAwe found out that my mom’s colleague has brought his wife and eldest daughter with him. when we arrived at the airport, we didn’t have to wait long to get in.. since we were with the crew.. and we had to wait till we were asked to board and till everyone has boarded. why? i can’t tell you.. ๐Ÿ˜› Plane i took a picture of a plane, which i thought was the one we were gonna be riding, but turned out that its going to Hong Kong. our plane is in the other side, can’t be seen, to the right of that plane.. XD 3:00pm – we boarded the plane. it was so nice to be inside an airplane again. haha! *ignorant* so since we were the last to board, we didn’t have to wait long. 3:30pm – the plane started moving towards the runway. 2 planes just took off and there were 4 planes behind us. since cellphones should be turned off, i didn’t get any shot! ๐Ÿ™ 3:39pm – exact time the plane took off. i was holding on to my seat really tight, (im such a scardy cat), but i was looking out the window. it’s so beautiful to see the surroundings turn into miniature sizes, looked like lego. i was getting a little dizzy to i looked at something else inside the plane. when we went steady above the clouds, i looked out the window again, so beautiful. the clouds looked like huge cotton candy, yumm! ๐Ÿ˜› Paeng Nepomuceno was in the plane so we asked for some picture taking.. scan0040 scan0041 fever_pitch_xlg it will take 3 hours to get to Singapore. why Singapore? it’s part of the route. then we would get off at the airport and wait a few minutes to board again.ย From Singapore, it will take and hour or so to get to Jakarta. the featured movie on our way to Singapore was Fever Pitch, starring Drew Barry more and Jimmy Fallon.

Synopsis: A contemporary romantic comedy about a high school teacher who meets and falls in love with a successful businesswoman. Although their lives are vastly different, the relationship seems perfect until the baseball season begins and she has to compete with his first true love: the Boston Red Sox.

it’s a nice movie. quite funny, romantic and dramatic at the same time. 6:30pm – we finally arrive Singapore airport (i forgot the name of the airport). we wer told that we have to get back within an hour to be on our way to Jakarta. mom told me to look around and don’t be afraid to explore but be aware of the announcements because i might get caught up and be left there.. eep! i toured the small part of the airport where we were dropped off. i rode 2 walkalators and found free internet that you can use for 15 minutes. i logged in very quick and sent someone an e-mail before heading back to my ‘tour’. another 2 walkalators later and i found myself in a garden/pond with beautiful flowers/orchids. i wasn’t paying attention at first because i wanted to see everything. i went upstairs and saw.. a nice top view of the garden/pond..

found a gym, a food court, a free cinema, yes that’s right, FREE! (no pics) and right outside is a sunflower garden.. after that, i went back downstairs, i remembered i had to listen for the announcement. i was thinking of asking someone to take pictures of me but i was shy, so i took pictures of the flowers instead.. XD

the sign indicated that this is Vanda Miss Joaquim, pretty ain’t it?

this looks like an ordinary orchid, but the sign said “Phalaenopsis” maybe it’s a scientific name?

and this is Mokara

BIG FISHES! when i showed this pic on my phone to my mom she said it looked like airplanes.. >_>

so i walked around the garden/pond and saw a janitress. i was thinking of asking her to take my picture when i heard the announcement that we were boarding, so i hurried back to our gate. MORE PICTURES! XD

there was this plant on the outer side of the walkalator and it was pretty and i wanted to take a picture of it, i got it alright, but it was blurred. ๐Ÿ˜€ 7:30pm – we boarded for Jakarta 8:25pm – exact time the plane took off for Jakarta 9:15 – 9:25pm – we have arrived! yay! Jakarta! i wasn’t sure what was the exact time.. lol 11:00pm – we are staying at the Shangri La hotel and it’s sooo cool.. the exchange rate at the hotel when we got there was 9,755rp = $1. so it’s like 10,000rp = P58. i got to hold 3,000,000!!!! ….. rupiah… HAHAHAHAHA!! Aug. 21 – from this day, i was not able to take track of time.. hahaha! i took a picture of the view.. and i guess so did mom..

from my phone
from mom’s camera

what i looked like that morning

teh bathroom (i have a thing for nice bathrooms)

i forgot to take pics of our buffet breakfast. mom said they changed menu each day so i had to have a taste of those i wanted to eat. YUM!! so technically, i ignored diet during my stay there. since it’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity, i ate alot! Bwahahaha!

BILL!!! you don’t often get charged 48k for breakfast.. lmao.. /gg

after breakfast, we went to Manga Dua, it’s like Divisoria. no pictures sorry. on our way there, we came across some fountains.. i got a pic of 2 of them, there was another after the 2nd one but i didn’t get it..

it was Sunday so no banks or money exchange, in short, we were not able to get our money changed to do some shopping. we only had enough for the parlor. so mom and i got creambath and refeksi. (creambath = they put something in your hair and massage your head down to shoulders and kinda at the back, refleksi = foot massage). then i got a haircut! which they call ‘gunting’. we wer able to but some shirts though. mom has this ‘suki’, a sports apparel shop. he accepted our dollar and gave us rupiah for change, that’s why we had enough money for parlor. when we got back to the hotel, i took a nice bubble bath.. bwahaha! hooray for bath tub.. i want one, one day.. /gg

i got ready for bed, but was not sleepy. so i read the funnies in the newspapers and watched tv.. mom is always tuned in to CNN so that time we were watching Comedy Central.. i love comedy.. laughter, a way of life, and i love it! hehe.. watched a few more shows before we went to sleep.. Aug. 22 – this was our last day in Jakarta, and we haven’t even reached 1/4 of our shopping list! so we were kind of in a hurry that day.. after breakfast, we did a quick picture taking..

afterwards, we went back to Manga Dua to do more shopping.. at the end of the day, i had new rubber shoes, 2 bags, sandals, 2 wallets, 4 jogging pants, and 47 DVDs. we probably could have gotten more but the stall where we got the DVDs was closed. apparently he got a tip that there was going to be a raid so he wasn’t open. but in the end, he was able to sell us some DVDs. mom went back to the parlor to get a haircut. before we went back to the hotel, we went to McDonald’s because i was hungry. i had double cheeseburger meal, large fries, and iced tea for drinks, and 2 chocolate sundae. the bill? 33,300rp.. Lmao.. i felt rich spending thousands of money.. bwahahaha!!! XD that night was my last night to have a bubble bath.. it was perfect, the water was right, there were alot of bubbles, and i had mom take a picture! *censored*

mom said i look like im being burried so she told me to pull up a little..

she calls this one ‘most daring pic ever’ hahaha.. we were laughing because the bubbles were going down i was telling her the nipples might come out.. Aug. 23 aaww.. we’re going home na.. =as in, so early! like 4am i think.. so yah, making story short..

Jakarta airport Philippine Airlines flight PR502 Jakarta – Singapore – Manila

on the plane, all i did was sleep.. Lmao.. back in Singapore airport, i got pictures!! weee!!

back on the plane, i fell asleep again.. then mom woke me up to get some pictures with the pilots in the cockpit..

i was blinded by the light!

last pic.. Susan and Gela.. ^^