The Past (2011-2020)

Find Time to Write

Why do the best ideas we have come to us when we’re in a place or situation where we can’t write it down? This reminds me of what our manager always tells me: “always bring a small pad of paper with you and write it down. Otherwise, the ideas float away and you’ll forget.” In his case, that is very useful since he’s old and getting older. (Just kidding. We always tease him about his age.)

Anyway, I am taking his advice and will always bring a small pad of paper with me. Actually, I’ve done that more than twice but I still keep forgetting…to write things down.

Writing is a habit I want to pick up on. Instead of biting my nails (something I finally outgrew but these days I find myself nibbling on ’em), I should write things down. Whatever thought I have, how ridiculous it may sound, how short or long it is, I should write it down.

I use PlainText app to write things down, and Springpad for my checklist but I guess the traditional way is still more efficient and effective. The difference is that small notebooks get lost and iPhones (or other gadgets) are always with us.

When it comes to blogging, my ideas are saved but never completed. I intend to add photos or videos and by the time I finally sit down and finish the blog post, a lot of time has past and the moment is gone.

This is me, on my way to work, rambling about a thing I should keep in mind. Write things down.