The Past (2011-2020)

Few Things I Bought Some Time Ago

A few weeks back, while mom was in Daiso (Festival Mall branch), there was a bazaar (there always is) right outside the store and I couldn’t help but look at the accessories being sold there. If you know me, I really like accessories, especially earrings, even when I don’t wear them as often as I should. I couldn’t help myself and bought FOUR pairs of pretty earrings. <3

The owl costs Php70 while the rest are Php50 each. I’ve used them except for the owl. The only reason I like owls is because of Harry Potter’s influence and that my book blog is called Night Owl Reads. This also gave me an idea for a giveaway, since I’m a Night Owl, I’m thinking of giving away owl merchandise. It’s a brewing plan. 😉

Other than that, last week I bought this hoodie from the Surplus Shop. I don’t normally shop for clothes but it was raining, I was stuck in the mall, saw this hoodie, it was on sale (Php250), and I bought it.

It was an impulse purchase but I don’t regret it. Hoodies are pretty useful especially in the Philippines’ weird weather, one minute it’s sunny and drizzling the next. It also reminds me of a college friend, she used to wear short-sleeved hoodies all the time. 🙂