The Past (2011-2020)

Failed Photo Shoot

In my last entry, I wrote and dumped photos from the meeting we had for the November 19 shoot in Laguna. That was a fail, because their ride got stuck in traffic while Mia and I were waiting at out meeting point in Alabang Town Center. RJ called us and said they were going to re-schedule it because they’ve been waiting for hours and Mia and I can’t stay overnight at the resort.

We went back to Mia’s house, had snacks, took some pictures and went swimming. It was still fun~

They found a box full of chocolates and candies.

Copying that drawing from Hyperbole and A Half

Another one. LOL

I think this was candid.

This is Julio, Mia’s older brother. I told him to pretend he was a champion swimmer!

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Edited by Jepoy

Edited by Jepoy