The Past (2011-2020)

Experiencing Distrito

Last Friday, I invited my good friend Mia Lopez to have dinner/pig out in Banchetto, I posted it in plurk and asked other friends if they wanted to join us. Ade suggested that we meet in Distrito instead, it’s similar to Banchetto and it’s in Makati.

Mia and I headed to Distrito a bit later than planned, expecting to meet with Ade and Jepoy. Since they weren’t there yet when we arrived, we proceeded to look around and choose what food we’d like to eat. So many good choices but I wasn’t in the mood for them. The burgers where calling out to me but I’ve already had too many burgers in the past few months that I decided not to have any. Mia saw the street food table [BBQ, isaw, pig’s blood, etc] and told me she promised Denise [or someone else, I forgot] that she’d try chicken intestines when she gets the chance. So we got one stick of isaw, which I promised to finish if she can’t, one BBQ and one stick of quail eggs.

Waiting for our order to be served.

We actually went around and bought some sushi and came back hoping our orders where already done but it wasn’t. The guy said the food we ordered was done but they haven’t segregated the different orders yet. They kept accepting other orders, there were 2 or 3 guys doing that, and none was fixing our orders. I had to ask 3 times before one guy finally thought of serving our food.

“It’s so long!”

You can do it! Lol.

Round 1! One stick of isaw, one stick of BBQ, one stick of quail eggs,
one California roll and one sushi-something-I-forgot-the-name.

Kwek-kwek model. Lol.

Round 1 complete!

By the time we were finished with round 1, I received a text from Ade saying they already arrived. It was Tin who was with him and Jepoy backed-out at the last minute. BOO! We were supposed to wait for them to get food and head to my car where we were waiting, but I kinda wanted to get something else to eat. But instead of food, we found ourselves checking out the table where accessories were being sold. I got myself 2 pieces of rings, Mia got 3, and a two-for-one headband thingy. I don’t have pictures of those, I forgot to take one and I’m in no mood to do it now. Maybe I’ll post it next time. After that, we bought mini macaroons and headed back to the car where we found….

Ade! And if you take notice, Tin is sitting behind him. XD

Creeper Tin and awkward Mia. LOL. 


I have no idea what they’re talking about, I just take pictures. Lol.

We didn’t bother getting more food because I think we got full from drinking root beer. I wanted to try so many other food but we already spent it on buying accessories. I want to go again but in Banchetto, I want to try that peanut butter burger from UNO burger, recommended by everyone I know online. They say it’s oh so delicious, and that’s why I wanted to go there in the first place. Hehehe.