The Past (2011-2020)

Everything Looks Better with Pictures Part 2


A couple of weeks ago, we were running low on funds. Although I received my salary that week, we had to pay rent plus my insurance, so let’s just say my salary barely lasted 2 days. That weekend mom was on duty in ATC and she crossed paths with an old friend she hasn’t seen in a very long time. A couple of hours later, coming back from her lunch break, she found a big bag of groceries at their booth and her colleagues were so excited for her. Apparently her friend came back and she wasn’t there and left the groceries for us. It’s so awesome!

It’s amazing! God is amazing. A couple of days before this happened, I was thinking of buying groceries. The plan was to buy more fruits, bread, coffee, plain oatmeal, and shampoo. If you look closely at the photo, most of the things mom’s friend gave us were what I wanted to get. I didn’t even ask and God used this person to provide for us. Isn’t that amazing? It even had peanut butter spread and a small jar of Nutella. <3

At the end of the day, I got to drive this amazing car from Peugeot. My mom is a sales consultant of Peugeot and that was why they were in ATC that day. Anyway, this car is amazing! It’s the first automatic car I drove and I was kind of scared that I might crash or something, but no, it was so easy to handle. I loved it! If we could afford to buy a new car, we’re getting one from Peugeot. Check out my mom’s Sulit page to see more cars they’re selling.

Mom with Derek Ramsay

A week ago, when I got home from work, mom was bragging about meeting Derek Ramsay. He’s definitely good-looking but I’ve never had a crush on him nor swooned over him and his hot bod. Just wanted to share the awesome photo of my awesome mom posing with him. ‘Nuff said.

If you’ve been to Alabang Town Center, you’ve probably seen or heard of this thing they have around 6:30pm. I’m not sure which days this is on but I’ve always thought of joining this. They do aerobics or whatever you call it. I’ve always wanted to take part. I’d have to squeeze this into my schedule, which would fit nicely since I work 9am-6pm during the weekdays.

Speaking of which, I really need to come up with a healthy routine that I could stick with. Yay life!