The Past (2011-2020)

Dinner at Conti’s

After shoe shopping and dropping by mom’s former colleague’s house, I mentioned that I was hungry and mom said “Let’s order chicken empanada from Conti’s.” I pulled over and she said “Would you like to dine in instead?” Of course I said yes! Any opportunity to try something new is always a good idea. [I want to be adventurous with dining/eating out and not just eat fast food all the time]. So Conti’s it is!

I looked at the menu and chose Mango Royale Salad for starters. It’s made up of iceberg lettuce with fresh mango cubes tossed with special house dressing. It can be ordered for sharing which costs 160, or solo for 90 pesos.

For some reason, mom ordered fries, she said she just felt like nibbling on something. And then she also ordered pasta for both of us, something we both liked.

Fries with your salad?

Salmon Pomodoro Pasta
Salmon sautéed in tomato, capers and olive oil
Php 225

Linguine in Pesto Sauce
Rich green basil sauce served on delicious linguine, Php 210
with seafood, Php 295

Mom had bottomless lemonade and I had bottomless iced tea. We shared both pasta so we could both try it. It was a very good dinner, I wanted to try their desserts because they looked so good but I was already full. Mom bought chicken empanada for take out. I can’t wait to taste that. LOL.