The Past (2011-2020)

Day 6: Puppy Update

It’s been almost a week since these cute puppies were born. They’re a bit bigger now, feeding all the time and crying most of the day. I think they’re always hungry and Kylie runs out of milk so she gets off the bed and sits beside it and just watch them. She’s been a good mum. She rarely leaves them and come back after she pees or poop or drink water. She’s very protective of them and watches me closely when i fix their bed or put the heating pad under the towels.

We went to the vet last Monday because i was worried with one of the puppies. It was sneezing and white snot looking liquid forms around its nose. The vet said it has a bit of a cold and prescribed medicine and vitamin for it. She also prescribed 4 things for Kylie. Enamalac, to help produce more milk, vitamins, calcium tablet, and antibiotic. She doesn’t give me a hard time in giving her medication. She eats the tablet, which makes me happy coz if it were Kendo, i would have exerted more energy to get him to take it down. Hahaha!

I can’t wait for them to grow a bit bigger, but i don’t want them to grow up as well. I kinda wish they can be stuck looking like month old pups coz that’s the cutest phase. They’re small and cute and cuddly and easy to handle. But then we’re selling some of them. 🙁

Cyndi still hasn’t given birth. It might happen any day though and i’m all alone again. 🙁

P.S. Here’s a photo of Mia. It has nothing to do with this post but i think i mentioned before that i’m going to put a photo of her at the end of my posts for exposure and shit.

P.P.S. Mia, if you’re reading this, SHUT UP.

Mia Lopez
This is my friend Mia Lopez.