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Crave Burger

Crave Ultimate Burger - BF Resort Las Pinas
Last week, I decided to give Crave Burger a try. I had been craving for burgers since I haven’t had any in a while. It was like a treat to myself.

Crave Burger Interior - BF Resort Las Pinas

The store has a simple interior, diner-like feel to it. So I was surprised to find out that their burgers are expensive! I was a bit reluctant but went thru with buying their Ultimate Burger, which is supposed to be a best-seller.

Crave Burger Counter - BF Resort Las Pinas

For a whopping Php230, I was expecting it to be at least as good as Brothers Burger when it was just starting out. Remember that? Their burgers were pricey but totally worth it. So what about Crave? Let’s see…

Crave Ultimate Burger - BF Resort Las Pinas City

One look at the normal looking burger and I was already disappointed. It had “1/3 lb.” beef patty, a slice of tomato, a leaf of ice lettuce, 2 small pieces of bacon, a couple pieces of caramelized white onion, and what looks like barely a teaspoon of mayo. The beef patty looked promising though.

Crave Ultimate Burger Plate - BF Resort Las Pinas

As I consumed this burger with a knife and fork, it was tasty enough but not mouthwatering. The bacon was crispy and added flavor. It satisfied my appetite but sadly, I don’t think I’ll go there again. Unless I feel compelled to try their Angus burger.

Crave Burger BF Resort Las Pinas

Crave Burger
BF Resort Village
Fidanza Blg., cor. Editha Vidal & Gloria Diaz Sts., BF Resort Village, Las Piñas
Tel.No.:  847-0446