The Past (2011-2020)

Chicharron ni Mang Juan

Mikey Bustos is one of the people I subscribe to in YouTube ever since I saw his Filipino English Tutorial. He posts a video each day, which I admire because it’s kind of hard to come up with a topic to talk about in front of the camera and YT people usually post about 2-3 times a week at most.

Aside from his Filipino tutorials, he also sings, does skits about his family, and reactions videos. Recently, he came here in the Philippines and made a commercial with Jack ‘n Jill’s Chicharron ni Mang Juan. The commercial is similar with his YouTube videos and also features his version of his friend Frank McCormick.

I wanted to try this new product but mom said it’s pork chicarron [for those who don’t know, my mom doesn’t eat pork and I grew up not eating it too, until recently when I try some pork some times]. This afternoon when we were at the grocery, I went to the snacks isle and saw Chicharron ni Mang Juan. I found out it’s only flavored and has no pork in it. There’s 3 flavors but only 2 were available, I took one of each to try.

Sukang Paombong and Espesyal Suka’t Sili

Now that I’m sitting in front of my computer, watching How I Met Your Mother while I write this blog, I opened the Sukang Paombong one and tried it. It’s good, I like it. I didn’t finish it though because I’m soo full from the dinner my mom and I had earlier this evening.