The Past (2011-2020)

Celebrating Christmas

Somewhere in my previous post I mentioned that we already moved to the house in Bacoor. Still no pictures, it’s still messy in here. All I can say is that we are happy in this place.

The week before Christmas was really hectic. So many invitations, so many plans, so many things to do. We spent Christmas with the people from the picket line of PALEA. It was supposed to be just my mom, I was supposed to just drop her off but I was hungry and she said she’ll bring food to me then I can go home. When she returned, she told me to come out and join them. I didn’t want to come out in the first place because I haven’t bathed yet, but she insisted and said that it was okay. LOL.

After lunch, we went to SM City Sucat coz mom wanted to buy beer and soft drinks. While we were there, I bought this shirt to look a bit presentable as I was wearing a dirty, white racerback shirt.

I just took a few photos where someone was giving out 20 pesos to children.

And then I met these kids.

I’m not sure if her name is Shanti or Ashanti.
I could not understand what she was saying.

This is Jan-jan.

This girl is Kim. When I called her,
she was looking at the bag beside me,
like looking for a gift. LOL.

And now for the gifts! I received a few and bought some for myself. LOL.

LeSportsac Pouch from Mia Lopez! Thank you dear. <3 

150 pesos belt from Tomato

Bangles from India. Mom bought 3 packs.

Bought these headbands from a shop I forgot the name of.
79.50 pesos each. They’re pretty cute. 😀

I got myself a hard shell case for Zac (MBP).
They ran out of smaller paper bags. I was walking around the mall
looking like I bought a laptop and more from PMC. LOL

I bought the clear case coz there’s no red available. I didn’t like the blue,
purple, or black one coz I wanted to put pictures in between the case and Zac.

I’m kind of in a shopping spree. I plan to buy a secondhand 32GB iPhone 3gs for 13k and since I’m getting it from a long time friend in Greenhills, she agreed to give it in terms which is awesome! I can still buy more things I want to get myself. I want another black belt, sandals, and maybe buy a guitar. 😀