The Past (2011-2020)

Catching Up With Negligence, and Turning My Life Around

My driver’s license expired May last year and I never renewed it. And then my car’s registration expired last month so I had to renew it too. Yesterday I went to the LTO office nearest me and took care of it. I did the car registration first and then the driver’s license afterwards. It was a long wait but if I didn’t have any problems, I would have gotten them both the same day.

The problem was, I found out that the car’s papers from 2011 was not in the pouch that I keep in the car. But the guy said it’s alright, they would get the info from where I registered the papers last year, which was in Parañaque. After the emission test and sketching, he directed me to a car insurance office where the lady offered to handle my paperwork while I work on my driver’s license. I think the amount I gave her includes payment for her services, but it was okay since someone else did that for me too for the past 2 years.

Driver’s license was next. The guard gave me a form and instructed me to get a drug test and medical exam, it was already lunch time so the employees were already on break. Fortunately, the people at the drug testing office were open and I had that done. No time wasted. But then I had to wait 15 minutes for the medical office to open but that was quick too. I realized I lost some weight. YAY!

I was done by 1pm, which I thought was just on time for the end of lunch break. Boy, was I wrong. The guard said the staff were in a meeting and it ended at 2pm! I was so sleepy and bored and music wasn’t any help. When they finally called me for my picture, I just combed my hair and smiled. I had to wait a few more minutes till I was called again. Apparently my name was block listed by the MMDA because of a couple of apprehensions from last year that I didn’t pay. Hahaha. They told me I had to fix that first before I can continue my quest. My words, not theirs. It was already late to go all the way to Guadalupe so I decided to go the next day instead.

As usual, I woke up late this morning and it took me a couple of hours before I left the house. I arrived at the MMDA office around 3pm and found out that shorts aren’t allowed inside the premises. Just my luck! The female guard advised me to get a pair of pants from the nearby ukay-ukay because I told them I came from far away and it’ll be a waste to go home just to get a pair of pants and to go back there. I guess it was still fortunate because I had an excuse to get myself a new pair of pants. Hahaha! I was in a hurry so I tried on the first thing that I knew would fit me. It’s baggy though, like those pants that were in style 10 years ago. I don’t mind.

Anyway, I finally got to do the papers and then the guy from assessment said that I have to attend a seminar tomorrow morning because I already have 3 violations, the first from 2009, one that I do not remember happening. I’m such a badass. I guess I have to wake up early later to catch that 8am seminar. If not, I have to wait another week to do it. 😐

Tomorrow’s quite a busy day for me. Mia’s not going to taping but I still have to accompany Angela for her audition. I can’t just send her there and leave her hanging. I wasn’t raised like that.

Another thing, I am fixing the other room this weekend. I’m making it MY room. Gonna move all the boxes outside the house so I can finally occupy it. I want to put up a picture or poster wall, I want to have my own room where I can be creative. I also plan to do something about the “garage” so I can clean my car inside our premises and not outside the gate.

I can feel it. My life is going to change for the better. I want to surround myself with positive things, other people’s negativity have brought me down and I finally realized that. If I can keep up going to Victory church every Sunday, I would even volunteer in one of their groups. It would be a fun and bountiful experience. <3