The Past (2011-2020)

Breakfast for Lunch, Canned Good for dinner

I’m back! There’s so many things to write about, so many things I neglected to write just because I was busy with my book blog. I have to find a balance between my blogs. πŸ™

We just moved to a new house because the old one got flooded. That is one of the things I want to write about, but I’ll do that on a different day. Today I just want to share, because I feel so good about this, that I made breakfast for lunch! LOL.

If you didn’t know yet, I’m not exactly a cook. I can fry, boil, heat food, and make simple dishes but I don’t really cook. This morning, however, mom and I were lazing in the bedroom when I got hungry and decided to whip something up for the both of us. We had corned beef and eggs in the kitchen so I heated a pan and heated up the corned beef and cooked eggs.

We didn’t have salt, or at least, we can’t find it yet. I tasted the corned beef and it was salty so I sprinkled some on the eggs. We had a hearty breakfast for lunch. πŸ™‚

For dinner, mom boughtΒ laingΒ when she went out earlier in the afternoon, but I don’t eat that so I opened one of the canned goods she bought too. I chose this squid kare-kare, which sounded weird but it was pretty good. I could taste the peanut in the sauce and the squid meat was tender. If I remember correctly, it had 4-5 pieces of squid.

Hopefully I’ll write here more often again. I have sooo many things to share and even if nobody cares what I write, I do this partly for myself anyway, so I would remember. πŸ™‚