The Past (2011-2020)

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Back in the day, when I was fairly new to blogging I would pretty much copy what other bloggers had in their blogs. Add that to my addictive nature and you’ve got a hoarder. One of the things I did was join fanlistings and display their “codes” in the sidebar or a page in my blog site.

Recently, I find myself back in that phase. I forgot what happened and how I stumbled upon again, but I had the sudden urge of making my own fanlisting/s. I think it’s a good kind of addiction because it’ll get me some practice on web design and coding. My skills are so rusty I almost cried. I made a theme for the first fanlisting I applied for, it was so ugly, so was the second and the third revision. I settled for something really simple because I needed a sample to submit for my fanlisting application.

Afterwards, I worked on the theme for my collective. I chose the color combination from Color Schemer which I really like. My skills are so rusty I wanted to cry. After 5 revisions, I finally got this simple but pretty theme.

You can check it out yourself by heading to the Social Butterfly Collective. I am going to do more tweaking in the next few days so it’s technically not yet done. I’m also not done with joining the fanlistings. That’s my problem with liking so many things, I want to join them all. There’s really no point to it but it makes me happy in a way. I’ve given it more thought, weighed the pros and cons, but I believe it’ll help me practice with the designing and coding so I’m sticking with it. I’ll also try making themes for tumblr, blogger, and wordpress. Wish me luck! XD