The Past (2011-2020)

April Goals: Active and Productive

It’s the first month of the second quarter. Woooo! Time flies so fast man and I’m still slacking off in the blogging department. April is already halfway over but it’s never too late to start somewhere, right?

Before 2017 ended (yes, this is a long overdue post), some friends and I decided to take our goals more seriously by being accountable to one another. We started with listing down the things we want to achieve this year and having actionable tasks for each one. At the end of each month, we would discuss what we achieved, where we failed, and what our plans are for the succeeding months. We’ve been doing this for 3 months and while we more or less fail, there are still small achievements worth celebrating.

April Goals

For April, I’m putting the focus on being active and productive. I’m not ashamed to say I live a sedentary lifestyle. As a home-based SEO expert (a title given by my boss), I mostly spend my days sitting in front of the computer and munching on fast food delivery. Not exactly a healthy lifestyle. While I started strong with the active part back in January by going swimming for 3 days, I failed to follow through with it in the following weeks. Hahahahaha

I went back to following Simplify Days’ weekly routine. I use Google calendar + Business calendar mobile app to organize and plan my days (which I’ll write about in a separate post). So far I’ve only been able to do the personal planning and meal planning every Sunday and Monday. Sometimes I would remember to do the Tuesday and Thursday part. Hopefully, someday this routine will be a constant part of my daily life.

Anyway, last week I started adding activities on my calendar and I was able to accomplish them exactly as I planned for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, I wasn’t in the mood to follow it as planned but I was still able to do some of them. The jury is still out on whether I can do this consistently.

Goals for Being Active

Since I haven’t had any constant physical activity for YEARS, I had to start from the basics.

  1. 30-minute exercise. This starts with a 5-minute stretch. It’s an assortment of stretching techniques I picked up from using the Sworkit app some years ago. Followed by a 5-minute what-I-call spine alignment, a technique I saw on a Facebook video by Bright Side. The last 20 minutes is time allotted for the 30-day butt and planking challenge. (Which I also got from Facebook.)
  2. 1-hour swim. This activity is not limited to an hour but the plan is to at least do an hour of swimming twice a week. I made a list of drills to follow, similar to what we used to do back when I was training competitively.  The swimming pool I go to is rather small so the distance I indicated on my list is just an estimation.
  3. 2000 steps daily. Yes, the bar is set low. When I first got my Xiaomi Mi Band 2 last year, I realized that I was barely walking 300 steps a day. Initially, I had set the goal of doing 8000 steps, the ideal minimum. But after a few weeks of failed attempts (LOL), I decided to start with a smaller goal. The longest streak I’ve done was 13 days if I’m not mistaken.

Goals for Being Productive

This goal falls more on being a decent homemaker.

  1. Initial clean-up. The first thing that needs to be done every day upon waking is to clean up the mess the dogs made while I slept. This wasn’t such a big problem when it was just the small dogs because they are trained and know where to do their business. But since we’ve had Pearly and Jiva, there is always a mess in the kitchen area of our home. Pearly never learned to poop or pee outside, she always does it indoors but only when I’m either in the bathroom or outside. It’s like she’s ashamed of pooping when I’m around. With this in mind, I should really take her out for a walk more often. On the other hand, Jiva would go outside and get a dried leaf or pull out towels from the rack. She would play with either of them until I wake up.
    This clean-up involves sweeping any poop and dumping them on the toilet. We have a separate tool for this. Afterward, I would mop the pee and make sure the floor is not pungent.
  2. Vacuuming. I don’t remember if I bought the vacuum late last year or early this year. The vacuum is more useful for picking up the dog fur and dust bunnies. I added this task to be done daily but so far I’ve only vacuumed when I feel like it. I’m lazy most of the time, in case you haven’t figured it out yet.
  3. Throwing away unused clothing and shoes. We moved a lot in the past 8 years and thrown out/given away most of our stuff. But there’s still a lot of things we need to get rid of. I’m happy to report that as of yesterday, I already threw out shoes I haven’t worn in months. Most of them are unusable anyway.

Spiritual Goals

My relationship with Christ is the most important thing to me. Throughout the years, my walk with the Lord has been a bit wobbly but I never lost sight of what’s wrong and right. As I mature in my faith, I am proud to say that my journey with Him is better than ever. I have been reading the Bible more frequently, reflecting more often, and keeping my heart, mind, and ears open for His instructions.

My goal is to just keep reading the Bible and to pray more often. I also plan to clear out a small space in my tiny room where I can spend time with God in peace — or as peaceful as possible. The movie War Room inspired me to do this.

Consistency Achievement

The only thing I am sort of consistent with is keeping track of my expenses. I started tracking on and off last year but picked it up again in December. It has helped me a lot in realizing where my money mostly goes and that is food. My estimated food budget of Php6,000 back in December went to as high as Php8,000 in February. It’s just too much. I cut my budget in half (Php4,000) and, as previously mentioned, started planning and making my own meals. I am proud to say that my total food expense for March was Php4,227.41. *throws confetti*

Moving forward, I need to make better and healthier choices but I am happy with my progress.

If you’ve reached this point, cheers to you. Now tell me, did you set goals for the month? the year? If not, do you plan to? What is it and how are you keeping track of your goals? I would love to know. Just leave a comment and let’s share stories.