The Past (2011-2020)

An Update on my Life

After joining a blogger’s group in Facebook, I kinda felt obligated to post about things that people would normally be interested in like food or restaurant review, movies, and other forms of entertainment. But then I remembered that this blog is for my interests, my experiences, my life.ย Someone told me, “Why not write in a journal? No one is interested to read about your life.” The thing is, I’m not writing about my emotions or thoughts or secrets, I have real life friends who I could share those with. I don’t need a diary, I am an open book.

One of the reasons I blog is to help me remember about things that happened and what I experienced. You see, I have a really horrible memory and as I get older, it gets worse. I want to be able to go back and remember the fun I had while experiencing something new.ย I find blogging therapeutic. It doesn’t matter if others read what I write [although it is very much appreciated], but putting my thoughts out there makes me feel better about myself. I’m the kind of person who likes to share what I know.

Another reason is that I’m not fond of writing. My hands tire easily and typing is more of my thing. Typing is easier for me, I can do it without looking. I can do it faster. 60wpm baby!

Last but not the least, blogging makes it easier to tell your story.ย It’s so easy to add pictures with your post. It is so convenient, in my opinion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, enough about me and let’s get on with the program.

Two days ago, I drove mom to Quezon City because she had to attend a hearing on her case for illegal dismissal with PAL. I don’t want to go into details so to cut the story short, I was hailed by a police officer, gave me a ticket for “reckless driving — unsafe swerving” and confiscated my license. I would have contested it but we were running late. This afternoon I went all the way to the central office to redeem my license. I was thinking of contesting the case but I was informed that it would take months, so I decided to pay the fine instead [a whopping P1, 277] and attend the seminar. Unfortunately, I was too late so I have to go back on Monday.

One would say, “why didn’t you just pay the cop off?”, well my dear, my mom imparted her principles on me. I would NEVER opt to pay off the cop/enforcer just to get away with something, even if it is a hassle or whatever. You have to always fight for what is right and not be swayed or feel threatened, especially if you really didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve been caught a lot of times and most of the time, they would just let me go because I insisted that they can’t charge me with anything. More often than not, they only want to be paid off and it’s obvious with their wordings. But that’s not my point here, I’ll talk about police/traffic enforcer corruption in a separate post.

When I got home, I was so tired because I commuted all the way from the South to the North and back again. I forgot that we had to deliver one of the puppies to its new home. Mom’s friend wanted to buy one for her children and since she hasn’t seen any of our puppies, mom thought of bringing 3 so they could choose. In the end, her sons chose Thor. They were calling him Boris at first but when mom’s friend asked what we called him, she liked Thor better. So I don’t know if they’ll stick with it or call him Boris.

It looked like he adjusted well. He already liked the first son, the twins were scared but wanted to touch him. We gave them some tips and then headed home after a couple of hours. The good thing is, their house is quite near ours so we can visit him there from time to time. He’s such a sweet puppy and I know they’ll take care of him very well.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Laguna to attend one of mom’s best friend’s birthday. I charged the batteries of my camera/s because I’m expecting to take lots of pictures. Something new to blog about. Since we’ll be in Laguna tomorrow, we’ll attend the Sunday church service instead. This weekend feels so hectic mainly because I don’t go out of the house often, so going out in three days straight already feels hectic.

I have tons of dog stuff to write about, like the pages in this blog, but I still can’t get around to it. Oh well.

Oh! Lastly, the fanlistings is going well. I got approved for Miranda, and then yesterday I finally got approved for Marina and the Diamonds’ album The Family Jewels. The layout I did is quite simple but I like it, especially the latter. I’m thinking of changing Miranda’s, I have to come up with something better than the one it has now. I also applied for Marina and the Diamonds’s Electra Heart, Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan, and Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins, and I’m hoping to hear from soon! I’m so excited. I kinda want to re-read Sweep series but I have a lot of books in reading list, maybe I could skim it just to be reminded of how much I liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. June is my blog’s anniversary and I’m hoping to host a giveaway before the month ends. I’m talking with a friend from Luna Accessories, and hopefully we’d come up with something. Watch out for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰