The Past (2011-2020)

Almost Forgot That Time in McDo

Around September, my online friends, Ade and Jepoy, asked if they could schedule a photo shoot with Mia, seeing as we needed to build her portfolio and they needed the practice. The planning has been going on in Facebook chat until we finally agreed on a date where everyone was available, November 19, and the venue is in a resort Ade’s grand parents own in Laguna.

They wanted to meet a day before to plan what things to bring, what to do, etc. And the meeting place was in McDonald’s in Greenbelt 1. This was the first time we were going to meet every one except for Ade who we already met a week before at he UCC Plurkfiesta.

[L-R] Ade, Euri, Jepoy, RJ

Jepoy, RJ, Bea, Glen

What more is there to say? It was a meeting, they made plans, we listened, we trolled each other, and blamed Jepoy for everything. Now comes the photo dump.

RJ: Eto si Mia, tapos…..

Trolling Jepoy

Pre-Shelly era

I just realized I don’t have a decent shot of Euri. 🙁

We take pictures while they talk among themselves.

Did you fart or something? LOL.