The Past (2011-2020)

All About Dora [Sept-Oct ’11]

I don’t recall if I blogged about Dora’s health condition but I have been posting in Twitter updates about her struggle.

Dora was born stretching.

Dora is the fourth [2nd female] puppy born of Kylie. She had a white “glove” on her left front paw, just like Cyndi’s. She was named after Dora the Explorer because we came home one day and heard her crying out for help, she was stuck behind a big box under the stairs. We assumed she was able to jump out of the dog bed [or was accidentally pushed out of it], walked in the direction of the stairs [we noticed all our dogs always hide there], walked around the big box, finds herself face to face with the wall and couldn’t find her way out. She was the first to walk around the living room, finding her way around.

Dora was born a fat, healthy puppy. Yes, she was the smallest, but she always fought her way against bigger puppies just to get her mum’s milk.

Spot the white glove.

After feeding. Look at those tummies!

A week later, I heard a sneeze. I checked the litter and found the smallest puppy drowning in something white, looks like milk but thicker, must be mixed with mucus. I took the whole litter to the vet to have them checked and told the vet about my concern. The vet confirmed my suspicions, little puppy had a cold. She was prescribed with antibiotics and vitamin c. That was our first medication. She got better after a week of this.

One day, we noticed that this little puppy was being left behind in size and her colds were back and it was worse. I brought her back to the vet and was told that she needed a nebulizer to help with her breathing. I brought her home and after 2 days her breathing got worse. One night she was having so much hard time breathing that she just dropped dead and I saw her tongue turn blue. I tried reviving her by massaging the rib area and blowing air into her nose. She lived and was confined in the vet for 5 days. After that we were told she was getting better and was breathing normally. The vet said it was okay to bring her home and my mom thought her recovery would be faster because she was surrounded by family and her siblings.

The vet said she had to wear this brace to prevent the air forming in her neck area. Her head was also too big for her body and she can’t always “carry” her head up. She was coping and we could see that she was happy and wanted to play with the other puppies.

She also didn’t like being caged even though the other puppies were just outside her cage, still inside the play pen. We did this to prevent the bigger puppies from picking on her. What we’d do is put 2 puppies (Stefan and Damon) in with her since they’re always just sleeping. One night she wanted to sleep outside so I placed her in my pillow till we all fell asleep.

On October 26, after using the nebulizer, I put Dora down so she could rest before she needs to feed. 30 minutes later I heard her barking, calling for my attention, and I noticed she stopped moving. I picked her up and she couldn’t stand up, her eyes were non-responsive though she was still breathing. I tried bribing her food but she wasn’t moving. I called the vet and was told to bring her there. I was feeling down already because I had the flu but I still rushed her to the vet. On our way there, Dora convulsed and her breathing slowed down. It was traffic and I was praying that she’ll make it. She didn’t make it. When I arrived at the vet, I placed her down at the counter and saw that she already poop and there was no life in her. The vet tried to revive her but it was too late.

It was so sad. I was sick and my puppy died. Mom said the stress during travel could have been a factor. We lived so far and we didn’t know any vet near our place, our vet’s branch which was somewhat near us is not open 24/7 unlike the main branch.

Mom didn’t intentionally want to keep Dora. I was the one who told her I wanted to keep her because she was like Cyndi and she had a pretty face.

Dora is the 3rd puppy we lost, and like the 2nd puppy, I’m just glad that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. 🙁