The Past (2011-2020)

A Little Bit of Everything, All Rolled Into One

I am backlogged on things I wanted to write about. The moment has passed and why do I still write it? Because I want to share the story, I want to remember it when I read it again in the future, and because I can.

I take pictures of things that I want to write about and that helps me remember and keep track of what I’ve already written even if it has been weeks already. So picking up where I left of, [still skipping the story of the very sad fate of one of my puppies] the day after the FASAP party, I had to bring my friend Mia Lopez to GMA 7 for rehearsals. They were to dance for the Christmas and New Year’s special of the show.

I was rather busy that time, hence not having any videos of their rehearsal; just this photo as proof. We had dinner in Chicboy Timog afterwards. No pictures, just this one.

The next day was the taping for the show. It was taped on Dec. 15, to be shown on Dec. 17, 24, and 31. On the Dec. 17 episode, Mia got to interview Sen. Bong Revilla regarding his MMFF entry “Ang Panday 2”. She was nervous but did well IMO.

Achievement unlocked: Interview a big local celebrity/politician

And here’s the video I took of their dance number for the Christmas and New Year’s special.

The second video got cut because my camera’s battery was drained already. If you want to see more pictures during that night, click here.

That was truly a busy week. Friday was my only rest day because on Saturday, we headed to Alfonso, Cavite to attend a wedding. A friend of my mom from the US got married here and the reception was in Tagaytay. I didn’t take much pictures, I did however, ask my mom to take my picture instead.

I wore the dress shirt I bought from Divisoria, belt from People Are People, Kate Torralba leggings, and the shoes my mom got me like 7years ago. We got lost on our way to the wedding, they were already taking pictures by the time we arrived. LOL

On Dec. 23, we finally got to move in the new house in Bacoor, Cavite. We’re still renting but we are happy in this place. We have a driveway and a backyard for the dogs. We have so much plans for this house. I will post pictures when we’re done unpacking. Right now it’s all a mess.

The day before we officially moved, mom and I went there to buy a bed in SM and to bury Stefan in a small land in the yard. We then had late lunch in Burger King. I was so happy to find a Burger King in SM City Bacoor. I tried their Angus steak burger thing.

I love burgers but I have to stop or at least lessen my fast food intake. I’m getting so huge already! 🙁

On our way back to the old house, we dropped by Yellow Mango to find out what they’re about. It turns out they sell frozen fruits which looks like ice cream, they also have other products but so far the only have the frozen mango treat.

The mango wasn’t that sweet, it’s just right. It was so cold too, a great treat when the weather’s hot.

I had to assemble mom’s bed all by myself. Independent woman reprezent~

That’s all folks~