The Past (2011-2020)

A Brand New Start

This was supposed to be a post welcoming August and me talking about some changes in my career, but I got too lazy and there was much work to be done. Anyway, August marks a new beginning in my career as a Marketer as I’ve been transferred to our ATC branch. I am now an Alabang girl. 😉

July came and went with good results. We were hitting most daily target sales, function sales were on average but still hit target, and delivery sales went up with bulk orders and new delivery customers. It made me feel better about myself as I did exert effort and reaped what I sowed. I just hope that everything will be maintained and be even better now that the Bluewave branch is being handled by the guy who trained me.

August marks my first day in Alabang branch and I spent most of my day downloading past files from the store’s e-mail and getting to know the people I am going to work with. It was a pretty good start, some people seemed excited that I was there. I brought Zac (MBP) with me and got to work in peace. I also did a mini tour of the mall, as I had to familiarize myself with it and eventually learn my RTA (Retail Trade Area).

The transfer to Alabang is an answered prayer. Last month, I asked God for help with managing my schedule and making sure that I got to attend church on a weekly basis and even attend my small group (Bible Study) meetings. My plan was to render overtime during the weekdays, which was not hard to do, and offset on Saturdays so I could go punch out early and attend sermon, or take Sundays off when we don’t have a booked function. But I was surprised that 3 days after my prayer request, I was informed of some changes with the outlet and that it would be better if I was to be transferred to Alabang. I immediately felt torn between the two outlets as I already love my Bluewave family but I also liked the idea of working in a branch much nearer to where I live. Less transportation expense. There was also the issue of tenure. I was regularized last May and being transferred to a branch under a different corporate name would mean that I would be back to zero. So I had to think about it with a time pressure because we had to act fast. The news was short lived the next day when I was informed that the plans were cancelled. I was totally fine with it.

A week before July ended, we had our Delivery Coordination Meeting, and I was asked to stay behind after the meeting along with 2 of my LSM colleagues and our area managers. We were informed that they are pushing through with the changes and that two of us will be transferred while the other would handle two branches, him being an officer. And now here we are, with me working in Alabang Town Center.

It has been a week since my transfer, and so far I all I’ve done is study the store’s profile, follow up pending purchase requests, familiarize myself with my RTA, and makes plans for the future. My next step is to create and update the database for text and email blasts, and telemarketing. Soon, I will start making appointments with offices and offer them our services. I am quite excited. XD