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9.9 Sale! Salamat Shopee & Lazada Haul

It’s been quite a while my loves and I’m back (hopefully more frequently) with the first blog post of the year. I could have done this much sooner but I kept putting it off and I’m doing other things like taking vlogging (somewhat) seriously.

To catch up pretty quickly, I am now living in the province of Laguna and during the quarantine I found myself buying things online more frequently. It has been my form of therapy that keeps me sane during this pandemic and quarantine period, but it’s kinda bad for my “less waste” advocacy. Basically, I’ve been hoarding online shopping since May but only realized I could also write about it whenever I release videos. Or just write about things I can’t make into a video… right? right?

Salamat Shopee

Anyway, 4 packages arrived in 1 day and this is the kind of thing that triggers my drive to vlog, hence my unplanned video.

Blackpink Crop Tops

Blackpink crop top

The first package was the Blackpink crop tops I got for Claire. I ordered them in peach because it’s her favorite color. She doesn’t normally wear crop tops but these weren’t too short, they fall right on her waist so she wouldn’t feel awkward wearing them.

Hair Ties and Sweat Bands

hair elastic and sweat bands

These are hair elastics or “pony tails” as we call them. They’re 15 pesos per pack and each pack has 5 pieces. I got 4 colors because they’re so cute and hopefully won’t wear too soon. I also got sweatbands from the same shop because I intend to start doing yoga (hahaha). They’re 23 pesos each and look good for use.

Grit & Grind Coffee

One of my best friends launched a business and it’s brewed coffee in (tea) bags. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker but I do take it from time to time. I was excited to try this out because I’ve always preferred brewed over instant but I don’t own a coffee machine or french press. This is the perfect solution for me.

There’s 4 variants to choose from: Barako, Kalinga, Benguet, and Hazelnut. It comes in small and big pouches. A small pouch has 4 coffee bags and costs P150, while the big pouch has 8 coffee bags priced at P200.

Each coffee bag is good for 2-3 servings. You can probably do more but it wouldn’t be as potent. Personally, I let the coffee bag seep in a big mug for 5 minutes then add sugar and pour it over ice in my big nutri bullet glass. I use the same bag to seep in the mug for another 5 minutes and keep it in the fridge for the next day. I’ve already tried them all and my favorite is Hazelnut and Barako.

large iced Grit & Grind coffee

By the way, Grit & Grind Coffee is also open for reselling! If this is something you’d like to hop on, now’s the perfect time. For only 1,500 pesos, you would get 5 small and 5 big pouches.

Lazada Haul

I only bought from Colourette Cosmetics on my Lazada app. I’ve done this 2x already because somehow, the price I’d pay comes off a bit cheaper if I use Lazada instead of Shopee.

In my video, I mentioned I didn’t really intend to purchase anything during this sale because I was trying to save money BUT… Colourette slashed up to 50% off on some of their products and I couldn’t really let that pass. I had chosen shades I wanted to add to my collection beforehand, unfortunately, I had a work meeting when the clock struck 12 and I missed the window to check out my products.

Colourette Cosmetics Colourtints and Velvetints

Here’s the thing, the sale happens from 12am-2am but the products on sale run out fast so you have to be quick in checking your items out or else they’d be sold out in less than 5 minutes! That’s what happened to me. The only thing left in my cart was the shade Ocean, which was fortunate because it’s one of the most recommended shades. I decided to take a look around again and bought the shades that weren’t my first choice, but were still on sale. And they’re Dione and Summer. I still wanted them in my collection. I want to get all 35 shades to be honest, I’m already 14 shades in.

On top of the 3 colourtints I purchased, I also bought 2 Velvetints. They’re more expensive and smaller than colourtints but I heard they’re also good. I got RSVP and Rosè.

That’s it for my 9.9 sale haul. I’ll be reviewing these products in another post, on a different blog. Hahaha

Until next time…