The Past (2011-2020)

2019 Wrap Up

Just like that, 2019 is over. The year passed without any write-ups from me, although I’ve been journaling (a bit) for a couple of months to keep a record of what’s happening in my life. A lot has happened and while I haven’t really done anything of substance this year, the lessons never stopped coming. From loving and hurting to gains and losses, here’s another attempt at doing a year-end roundup in bullet form, in no particular order:

  • (thought) I fell in love and got hurt
  • Gained new friends and lost some of them in a matter of months
  • Moved in with my mom and moved out again
  • Lived with friends at her family’s house for 2 months
  • Lived with my grandmother at my uncle’s house for a couple of weeks
  • Stayed at my uncle’s house after my grandmother moved to my aunt’s house
  • Participated in outreach programs, then joined some friends in creating a new charity group
  • Got addicted to playing PUBG from January-April
  • Went back to playing Mobile Legends and reached Mythic rank during season 12 & 13. Reached Legend rank in season 14.
  • Got 5 tattoos in a span of 5 months.
  • Got terminated from work and was asked to return 2 months later.
  • My grandfather passed away during the week of my birthday.
  • Celebrated my birthday with my cousins.
  • Found myself entering the fashion industry as a plus-size model.
  • Got a gig as a background extra for a digital ad.
  • Spent time with one of my male best friends and ended up dating him.
  • Rented my own studio apartment.
  • Went traveling around Laguna with the lover and his family.
  • Started a tour organizing business with the lover and his brother.

And as for the lessons learned, there’s quite a few:

  • Never force yourself to be part of someone’s life.
  • Silence means yes. If someone refuses to answer your questions, it’s most likely a yes.
  • Set your expectations low so you wouldn’t be disappointed when people fail you.
  • Not everyone is your friend. Sometimes those closest to you will turn their back once you’re no longer of use to them.
  • People who truly love you will stick with you no matter what.
  • Never close your doors when it comes to love, but always use your head before making decisions.
  • Balance is key.

What I love about failing is the opportunity to rise up to the occasion and become stronger and wiser than ever. I failed so many times this year but still managed to pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again. 2019 was full of hurt and pain but also filled with new learnings and opportunities. It all about perspective and how you choose to see life. The coming year is a promising one as I’m embarking on another journey to self-discovery and self-improvement. The future looks bright. I’ll be back soon.

Happy new year! See you in 2020. 😉