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2018 April Achievements

Is April over already? It sure went by pretty quickly I didn’t even notice. So 3 weeks ago I wrote about my month’s goals and now it’s time to check it off.

April Achievements

I am pleased to report that I was more productive than I’ve ever been. Or it feels that way to me. I vacuumed/mopped the floors every other day; Basically, something was done every day. I’d like to think the dogs are very happy with the clean floors. There’s so much fur shedding on a daily basis that vacuuming as often as possible is required. They also do not make so much mess anymore! I truly believe that your temperament reflects on your dog’s behavior.

Another productive achievement is throwing away unused shoes, which I already did when I wrote my goals down. LOL. I haven’t touched my clothes yet but I’ll get around to it this May. The dresser area has been cleaned out as well. There are still some things on it that I still need to organize though.

Keeping Track of Things

Tracking my spending habits is still on point. I spend a lot less on food this month. My budget was Php4,000 and I only spent a total of Php3,423.50. To think there were even times when I had to eat out. What helped was my mom paying for some of my meals since I visited her more than twice this month. The bad news is, my food expense will blow over this May because I ran out of salad dressing, condiments, and other food stock. But it’s okay, purchasing in bulk will be beneficial in the next few months. I think I saved a few bucks this April, so that’s a big plus.

My Bible reading habits are improving. I’ve constantly read my daily devotion every morning except for the last 3 days of April because I don’t know. I lost myself. But it’s all good. I’m getting back on the horse and start reading again.

Sometimes we fail

I failed so hard on the ‘active’ part of the goal. While I did well with exercising for the first week, I totally neglected it the succeeding weeks. Why? Well, I was still in the middle of correcting my body clock. I tried sleeping as early as possible to wake up as early as I could. I might ditch the plans to go swimming every Tuesdays and Thursdays and just focus on walking around the neighborhood and doing some quick workouts at home. But I don’t know. I would still want to go swimming.

It’s so easy to put all my attention on the goals I failed, but I chose to appreciate the ones I achieved. They may be small feats for most, but they’re a big deal to me. Focusing on the positive helps me strive to be better and just keep working on myself until I reach my goals. Failing doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying to reach those goals, it just means I need to take a step back, re-assess the situation, and attack it from a different point of view.

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How do you deal with failure? Are you an overachiever? I sure am not. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let’s engage.

2018 April Achievements