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2015 Recap & 2016 Goals


It has been almost two months since the new year began and I realized I have been putting this post off for weeks. I was pre-occupied with work and extracurricular activities but we’re still in the first quarter — it’s never too late to start something.

I welcomed the new year with a new layout. After blogging on and off for almost 10 years, I finally purchased my first paid theme. Yay! But before I go on with this year’s goals and other plans, here’s a recap of how my 2015 went. ü


It all started with following YouVersion Bible app’s reading plan. I read the One Word That Will Change Your Life plan and decided my one word for 2015 was explore. While the word itself could be about a lot of things, I was leaning more towards travel.

Here’s a collage of some of my 2015 activities:




January was hectic at work — with all the required year-end reports and annual planning for all local stores under my care, not to mention the implementation of changes in marketing strategies. I did not know how to manage my time and prioritize which part of my job I should do first. There were high expectations and too much responsibility for a single person. The bright side was, my credit card application was approved before the month ended. I also signed up to join a beginner’s day hike scheduled on the first weekend of February.


I have no idea what I was thinking when I went hiking. Although it was a small mountain, it was still too much for an overweight person like me with no physical activity whatsoever to go through. But no regrets! It was a rewarding experience and reaching the summit felt like such an accomplishment. I gave thanks to God and admired His beautiful creation. Hiking is an activity I never thought I would do nor enjoy. I took the challenge, gained experience, leveled up as a person, and unlocked an achievement!

After climbing my first mountain, I told myself I wouldn’t do it again. It was something I tried once and checked off my non-existential bucket list. But a couple of days after, a new beginner’s day hike event was posted and I invited my cousins and a colleague to join me. My second hiking experience was a little bit easier than the first one. Having my cousins and my friend with me made it more fun.

Another notable happening in February was I got to buy a new PC using my new credit card. I also filed my resignation mid-February because I couldn’t take the pressure and stress of my job and the 2-3hrs daily commute from Las Piñas to Quezon City anymore.


By March, I climbed my third mountain with my cousins and a different group of people. Unfortunately, my cousins and I decided to not push ourselves any further. We were happy we reached the campsite and the view up there was still breathtaking. It wasn’t a total loss. We separated from the rest of the group and headed back to base where we waited for their return.

That month, I also went with some people I met from Malaya IOG to Laguna where we enjoyed swimming in the cool waters of Bato Springs. At work, I spent the first 2 weeks turning over my responsibilities to my replacement and made sure I left the company with no problems. I used my paid leave for the last 2 weeks of the month. I stayed at home and enjoyed my new computer. And then I looked for an online job because I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom to my furbabies.


With God’s grace, I found a new job very fast. I sent my application on a Monday, got interviewed on Tuesday, and started training on Wednesday without leaving the comfort of our home. I was required to work 7hrs a day, 5 days a week with better pay and less stress than my previous job. The only activities I had in April was attending a Couchsurfing meet-up and hosting my own by inviting Couchsurfers to go to Intramuros. I also experienced my first foodie meet-up with Zomato that month.


May is my birthday month. Labor day weekend was spent in Ilocos with my cousins. We joined an event that was supposed to tour in Ilocos, but it was ruined because the organizer wasn’t very good at his job. It was an experience I intended to write about but after we got home, I just didn’t want that kind of negativity in my life. I will still write about the trip some time this year but I’m not sure if I want to relive the disappointment and trauma.

The National Museum offered free entrance for the whole month of May and I took the opportunity to go there joining a group of Couchsurfers. We also did a mini food crawl in Binondo. For my birthday, mom and I had lunch at a Ramen place at the mall.


By June, I joined Malaya IOG once again but instead of hiking, we went to Alibijaban Island for an outreach and overnight beach camping. I had so much fun with the outreach, swimming and socializing with everyone. From another invitation, I experienced my first time spelunking at Malangaanan cave with a different group. We were later informed that the passageway we took was the shortest one. I didn’t mind though because I think I would have had a panic attack if we were there for longer time.


July and August were kind of uneventful in terms of travel mostly because I was saving up for the Manila International Book Fair, but I did meet with friends. I met up with some of my YA (young adult) bookworm friends in Eastwood City and watched Magic Mike XXL with my NA (new adult) bookworm friends. One of my high school friends’ family threw him a surprise birthday party so I went there. At the end of the night, we went to Valkyrie and it was my first time to go clubbing as an adult.


September is/was/will always be Manila International Book Fair month. Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher, Christine Brae, and Kiera Cass were in the country for their book signing. I bought a lot of books, although not as many as I wanted because I still have limited funds. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Fisher and Brae’s books. I didn’t attend Keira Cass’s signing too because I went to Broadway Centrum to “stalk” Alden Richards instead. It was the height of the Aldub Phenomenon. The day I went there wasn’t part of the plan. I just had a feeling that I should go that weekend and I got lucky.


October was all about food and getting fat. I went to my second Zomato foodie meet-up at Bag O’Shrimps in SM Megamall and my third meet-up at Pastaroni in BGC. I also met with high school friends again. We had dinner one night and went out again the next night. It was the most gimik I ever had in my adult life.


My favorite trip so far was at Calaguas Island when we went there last November. It was an unexpected trip on my part. I initially prepared myself for a laid back couple of weeks before December when I got invited to join a group headed there. Luckily the scheduled date fell on payday week. I got over (maybe) my irrational fear of going overboard while on a boat despite knowing how to swim. Unfortunately, I made the stupid mistake of getting my belt bag — where my smartphone was — wet. I spent most of our days in the island swimming. I’m grateful for friends who willingly took my pictures during the trip.


The only activities I had in December were more eating. Mom and I went to her friend’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner party. I also did some Christmas shopping for my aunts and uncles and godchildren. After Christmas, I met with an old swimming buddy who I haven’t seen in over 15 years. The last time we were together, I was still hot and he was just a cute little boy. He’s now a good looking young man. The next day, mom and I went to our hometown to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. By the end of the year, I had no money again. Hahaha…

I’m happy with how my 2015 went. I’ve had more activities that year alone than the past 10 years combined. While I enjoyed traveling, doing outdoor activities and meeting new people, I realized I can’t live like the people I met who have activities every weekend. I have other things to do that are equally beneficial to my well-being. Going out of town takes time away from other things I want to and need to do. So 2016 has to be balanced.


What are my goals this 2016? I need to get my sh*t together. I guess it’s something I tell myself every year but without accountability, nothing really changes. It just keeps piling up. Making a list of things I want to accomplish and seeing it on a daily basis will help me accomplish them. Admittedly, I’ve spent my youth procrastinating instead of making a life for myself. This time around, the goal is to be the best me I can be.

  1. Be active/proactive. Being a very lazy person and putting things off until the last minute is my biggest problem. I need to act on the ideas that pop up in my head. Write them down at least. Make time for those ideas. Learn to plan ahead.
  2. Exercise/lose weight. In a way, this also falls under the “be active” category. This year I’ll ease into doing physical activities until I get the hang of it and obsess about it. A friend recommended the Sworkit app. I started using it 3 weeks ago. I did 5 minutes stretching and 5 minutes of light cardio the first couple of times. The last time I used it, I did 10 minutes of stretching and still 5 minutes of light cardio. I am enjoying so far. I’ve also been drinking green tea daily which is great for my digestion.
  3. Learn something new. This was also on my list last year. Did I learn anything new since then? I guess I did learn something new related to my current job. I also used Duololingo on and off last year from trying to learn Italian and French. So what do I want to learn this year? I want to brush up with programming or web development. Maybe learn how to make my own app.
  4. Less Travel, more savings… for more travel!
  5. Teach swimming. If I’m not mistaken, it was last year when I posted in Facebook offering my godchildren free swimming lessons. And then I forgot about it until a former schoolmate sent me a message asking if I could teach her daughter for a fee. I considered her offer and just last week, informed the parents of my godchildren about it and they were interested. So now I have to come up with a “lesson plan” before summer.
  6. And most importantly, have a closer relationship with God. One day I was thinking about my relationship with God and how often I’ve tried and failed in that aspect. I’ve been looking for friends to hang out with and pining for a man to be my partner, but I realized I should have been working on my relationship with God instead. That is more important than anything else. I am currently working on it by attending Bible studies and signing up for a D-Group aside from going to church. I want to make it a habit to be in touch with God every day.

Basically, that’s it. 2015 was a great year and I pray 2016 will be better. I had a good start so far.

I’d like to hear how your year was and what your goals are for this year. Feel free to answer in the comments below or share the URL to your post. Cheers!