The Past (2011-2020)

2013 Christmas Shopping

This is a really late post, but if we knew each other personally, you’d know that I’m not one of the fashionable ones. I rarely buy new clothes and I usually shop at an ukay-ukay rather than at branded stores. Some of my nice clothes and most branded ones are gifted too. But that changed last December. See this picture..?


Yeah, the ones on top were bought at an ukay-ukay while the ones in the bottom were gifts from mom. <3

A day before our Christmas party, I needed to find a black dress for our theme “Wear your sexiest black”. I had the money and wanted to get something nice for myself. I was actually on a different errand that day but I came across this big ukay-ukay store and found 4 racks filled dresses. I rummaged the racks till I found dresses that would fit, tried them on, and purchased them. I ended up with 3 dresses, priced Php200 each. It was super cheap and the clothes were slightly used, they’re almost new!

The rightmost top was worn during our Christmas party, and the middle top was worn at another Christmas party, but I have no photos of myself wearing those. The leftmost top was worn when I went with mom to their union’s party. See picture below.
I love that ukay-ukay place, they have nice clothes. I’ll go back there from time to time and buy “new” clothes.

The ones mom gave me were worn to work days before the year ended. Although I only have pictures wearing two of them.
And then there were two swimmer t-shirts that were from mom’s friend. I love them! <3

The other, not seen in the photo, is red and has the words “swim, back, breast, fly, free”. I wore it the other day during our LSM meeting at the head office. Yes, I wear t-shirts to work. XD

Mom and I also received bags as gifts, but that’s reserved for a different post. 😉