The Past (2011-2020)

16/52 Precious little thing

The highlight of my week was the car accident but I’d rather not focus on such an unfortunate event that I chose this one instead.

For week 16: April 15-21, 2012

This is Kylie’s first born from her second batch of puppies. She doesn’t have a name yet so I call her puppy1 no-name when writing/posting about her. In real life, I call all of them “baby”. 😀

A few weeks after they were born, I noticed this puppy had eye boogers all the time. I would clean it with wet cotton buds. Last week, I was able to open her eyes fully and saw that there’s a hole in it. The same thing happened to Usher and Conan before. I brought her to the vet to get prescription for it, and she had to be separated from everyone else so she slept in my bedroom for a week. 😀