The Past (2011-2020)

14/52 Sleeping puppies

Last week has been uneventful due to Holy Week, aside from that, the weather has been really hot so I opted to stay indoors and catch up on some movies and TV series.

The dogs chose to sleep most of the time, it was indeed a lazy week.

For week 14: April 1-7

3 of Kylie’s pups
Top: Gwen; Under: Spotty; On top: Daphne

Gwen goes to a friend of mom’s and the name is the same from her dog that died. Spotty is a temporary name, a name we also gave Damon before we decided to keep and name him. We decided to keep the other spotted female pup because she was deformed when she came out. I named her Daphne, a female version of Damon. 😀