The Past (2011-2020)

100th Post: My Actual Birthday

The night before, I asked my mom if she wanted to watch Men in Black 3 for my birthday. We went on the 12noon screening in SM Bacoor. We enjoyed the movie and mom even cried a bit in the end, I was just teary eyed.

After the movie we shared a cup of frozen yoghurt from Tutti Frutti. Mom chose taro while I chose red velvet. It was good.

She said she was going to buy me a cake because it’s my birthday. She asked if I wanted a Red Ribbon cake or ice cream cake, I chose the latter.

Originally, she was only going to get one roll and she wanted the ube flavored ice cream cake. She asked if it was okay with me and I said yes, I don’t mind. Afterwards she bought the rocky road flavored cake too so we have one each. LOL.

The ice cream cakes were so good! Perfect for the warm weather.

As we were headed home, I showed her the sale I saw when I first came inside the mall. I think it’s what they call end of season sale. Prices are 80% off!

End of season sale 😀

Mom got me some items and she used her card because we had no cash left. Everything was sooo cheap! We wish we had more money so we could afford to buy more. I asked the saleslady how long the sale was going to be, she said they were not given an exact date but she thinks it would last for 3 months. I WISH! That will give me more time to make money and save up for it.

I am now 27 years old. I did not throw a party but spent the day with my mom and the dogs afterwards. We may have financial problems but we are still happy and we’re leaving everything to God, He always provides.

God is great!