The Frap Bar

The Frap Bar

The Frap Bar I’m not a big fan of warm/hot drinks. When Starbucks became a house name here in the Philippines, I wasn’t sold on their products. I’m not a coffee drinker, nor do I conform to what’s “in”. We rarely go there, and if we do, I would always order a frap. We live in a tropical country where it’s always warm and I would rather enjoy a cold beverage. Although there are the rare occasions where I would buy a tall order of their signature warm chocolate. Moving on…

The Frap Bar

The Frap Bar is a small kiosk in SM Southmall, situated near Pizza Hut and in front of the elevator. I’ve passed by it over a dozen times and have always been tempted to try their products. One day, I gave in. It was hard to make a decision as to what flavor I was going to get. About three of them made my mouth water, but I finally chose White Choco Oreo.

The Frap Bar - White Choco Oreo

The frap looked creamy as it was being poured from the blender to the cup, and it was, although it could have been creamier. I also expected more whipped cream. I couldn’t help but compare the serving from the picture, but it turned out to be just enough for the whole thing. It had cookie bits, ย the cookies were blended with it, and most of it rested at the bottom of the cup.

The Frap Bar Flavours

I initially wanted to try Creme Brulee, but it was not available. I miss this flavor because Zagu no longer serves it. The other flavor I wanted to try was Butterscotch and Hazelnut. Maybe I’ll try those next time.

Value for money? Well, it’s good enough for Php95. I will definitely try it again next time I’m in SM Southmall.

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  1. I tried this in SM Marikina, as per recommendation of a friend. Price-wise, it was good but I found my drink too sweet to the point of ‘umay’ ๐Ÿ™

  2. I love anything that is creamy and sweet and I guess I would like this Frap bar. Does it taste like Sundae of McDonalds? The price is somewhat high but as what you;ve said it’s all worth it.

  3. All the frappe drinks are lovely to look at. I confess that I like every single picture shared on Instagram when seeing these lovely sweets. However I don’t drink them a lot. In reality, the most I drink is like two to three cups in a span of one year because I’m afraid to gain weight with much sugar.

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