That Photo Shoot Last November

Remember that photo shoot last November that got cancelled? Well it happened before November ended but I totally forgot to write about it. Hahaha! It was a fun shoot with friends I made online.

Here are some of finished products.

Other pictures will be posted when I’ve fixed the site.

Since this event has long past, I’ll just dump some BTS photos here. 😀

It was a very fun and tiring day, totally worth it because we have beautiful pictures and had a trolltastic time with our new friends.

Last week we had another shoot, details about it will be posted some time next week. 😉


  1. Massa P / fruityoaty
    1 March, 2012

    Umm, the dude in the “flasher” black t-shirt (3rd last photo from the bottom) looks like he’s sneaking a glance at her… chest area while she’s stretching her arms out… o_O

    Nice pics, though.

  2. Mia
    1 March, 2012

    Never wearing that pink tube ever XD It`s like BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS XD


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