Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

Part of my goal this year is to try out different restaurants, and this happens to be the first. Mom and I, with her friend, went to Nathaniel’s Bakeshop for lunch one Sunday afternoon after church. I’ve heard of that place before but didn’t know it was a restaurant. It’s a small place in Molito, Alabang, …

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KKK Food Revolution

Mom and I went out for dinner last week. I suggested we try something new, a restaurant we haven’t been to before. We were going around Mall of Asia when we saw KKK Food Revolution. My mom was in the mood for Filipino food so we went inside and ordered. Here’s what we ordered: Sinigang Salmon …

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Dinner at Conti’s

After shoe shopping and dropping by mom’s former colleague’s house, I mentioned that I was hungry and mom said “Let’s order chicken empanada from Conti’s.” I pulled over and she said “Would you like to dine in instead?” Of course I said yes! Any opportunity to try something new is always a good idea. [I …

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