Snow White and the Huntsman

Friday night I went to Shangri-La Plaza with my mom to watch the special screening of Snow White and the Huntsman for free, thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Skin White.

I wasn’t THAT interested in the movie at first, but after finding out that Chris Hemsworth is the huntsman, I was excited to see what it was about. The movie was scheduled to begin at 9:30pm, but we were supposed to be there by 8pm for registration. We arrived 15 minutes late and there weren’t good seats left, so I chose isle seats that were infront of each other.

Before the movie started, there was a short program where the emcee talked more about Skin White’s product. They also awarded 3 blogs with the most unique blog post for the event and a quick game of bring me, where my mom wanted to participate.

When the movie finally began, it started with a background of Snow White’s story. The first part was narrated, and they had short lines till like half-way through the movie. You don’t really have to listen to Kristen Stewart that much but her face is still annoying. Mom said she’s not even that pretty. I think it was a miscast, like they’re still milking the whole Twilight thing out of her.

Charlize Theron was a very good villain. She was so convincing, I think it’s the first time I’ve seen her be the bad guy. Her age is showing but she’s still very pretty.

There was a lot of running, and it was full of adventure. They actually covered a lot of grounds, maybe it’s because of the short lines and lots of running.

One thing I noticed is that watching the huntsman was like watching Thor. Yes it was played by the same guy so it makes sense that they have the same moves, only different weapons. Thor had the Mjolnir and the huntsman had an axe. I just thought it was funny. He’s still gorgeous even when he looks dirty, I want to hold his face and just stare at it. Hahaha!

It was an enjoyable film all in all. I would recommend it and I’m sure children would like it, parental supervision is a must though.

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  1. Carmi
    3 June, 2012

    I watched it yesterday with my sister and boyfriend. (Like you, I decided to go see it after finding out that Chris Hemsworth is in it XD) I enjoyed it, but some parts were a bit too dragging. Charlize Theron was a great villain. Kristen Stewart could have done better, she looked like she was in pain for most of the movie.

  2. Miss Dré
    5 June, 2012

    I am going to watch this on Sunday. According to my sister, it’s a good film to watch 🙂

  3. nicklelove
    6 June, 2012

    It is! Charlize Theron is awesome. <3

  4. The Huntsman
    7 June, 2012

    That’s just because I have the same accent as Thor.

  5. rj's mama
    8 June, 2012

    i want to watch this movie too, aside from the fact that Chris Hemsworth is hot, I want the see a different twist to this fairy tale

  6. Karen
    17 October, 2012

    I wanna watch this movie not because of Kristen Stewart but because of Chris Hemsworth. Wait na lang ako ng DVDRip. Ha ha. =D

    I don’t know ha, but I think they should have chosen another actress besides the Twilight girl.


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