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Last Sunday my friends and I were walking around our usual hangout at Molito Park when I invited them to play at Puzzles. I’ve been wanting to play there ever since I found out there was a branch near me. Their rates are at Php100/head and play all you want. It was a dream for me since I’m an only child and I love playing board games but had no one to play with. Boohoo. *sad face*

The first game we played was Cards Against Humanity. I have seen Facebook friends post about the game and I have been curious. It was fun! It’s a game I recommend you play with very close friends. We had so much fun laughing at our answers. The attendant then offered a Filipino version of the game called Crap About Filipinos. It’s not as great, it needs more work, but it was more relatable than CAH.


If you know me, I’m always hungry. I was enjoying our “game night” but I needed food. I first ordered a dessert called Oreo Afraid of the Dark? I think it’s a deep fried oreo wrapped in something that may be batter, with ice cream and sprinkles. It was meh and cost more than it should have. I only liked it for the ice cream.


I also ordered fries. It was disappointing, to say the least when I was promised that it had more fries than those served at McDonald’s. For 150 pesos, it was barely a medium sized serving of McDonald’s or Jollibee fries. But it was, however, made from real potatoes. I wanted to order quesadillas and burgers but they weren’t available. I ended up ordering Shepherd’s pie because I remember I made one before and it was good – but that too was disappointing. It had too many extenders (carrots and cucumber?) and the taste wasn’t right.


We then played a game called Disturbed Friends, which is a great game to get to know your closest friends. Again, play this game with your closest friends only because it gets interesting. LOL. We also played Ugly Doll, which was hilarious. We became super competitive and played this game 3x before we quit.

Our total bill was P960, not bad for 5+ hours of playing. Despite the disappointing food, I will definitely come back with friends because it gives us an opportunity to play board games. Here’s a boring video of us playing Ugly Doll.

Puzzles: Board Game Loung

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  1. Dre @ Sporadicade
    20 April, 2017

    To be honest, I am not into a lot of board games, but I love Scrabble. This looks like a really fun place to hangout with friends.

    1. Nickle Love
      8 May, 2017

      It is! There’s a lot of games to choose from so you might find something you like. 🙂


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