The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

The Sunday Currently Vol. 1


The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher, because she’ll be here with Christine Brae and Colleen Hoover next week for the book signing + MIBF. I’ve read some of CoHo’s books and loved them. Brae is next on my list.


This blog post.


To my Spotify playlist called Women From My Youth. It’s all the mainstream songs I listened to from my primary and secondary school days (1992-2002). There’s also Men From My Youth.


Of all the things I want and need to do in my life.


Nothing. I don’t smell anything.


Just for Laughs GAGS. It’s hilarious.


For forever. LOL


For things to get better, especially financially. We’re barely making ends meet.


The usual. Comfy sando and boxer shorts.


Skillshare. I haven’t used it much but the idea that I could learn something new or refresh/add to my current knowledge is exciting. I’m trying to sort out in my head which skills I can be good at and would be lucrative. So far I’m taking a refresher course in Photoshop and HTML/CSS.

BTW, if you sign up now, you’d get a free one month membership at Skillshare which is good if you want to check it out. But really, it’s totally worth it.


More monies. Because it’s MIBF season and there’s so many books I want to get. Plus I need to get my own hosting plan. Priorities, right? *wink emoticon*


To adjust my body clock. I’ve been sleeping late again and waking up late. I could definitely do more things if I wake up early. I need to set my priorities straight!


Good. I went to church with mom earlier and it felt good to be there.


Helga, Laura, and Jhanz. Time to blog hop some more. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 1”

  1. Your Spotify Playlist idea made me want to create my own! Haha, never really thought of that since i mostly rely on the existing playlists. MIBF! I’m not sure if i should go since i already got my hoarding fill at the NBS Great Warehouse Sale. But who knows, i may not be able to resist… 😉

    1. Someone told me that people reach a certain age that new music don’t register any more and you would rather listen to music you grew up with. I think I reached that age. I still listen to new songs but there are days where I prefer the good ‘ol 90s music. I’m not good with curating/making playlists and rely on existing ones too, but the playlists I found had songs I didn’t know or does not include songs I liked. Hehehe. I am now uncertain with MIBF because my wallet is crying from all the CoHo books I bought. I wanted to go to the NBS Great Warehouse Sale but after seeing the situation, got discouraged coz I live in Las Pinas and I have work at 5pm. 🙁

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