Do People Still Really Read Blogs?

I discovered blogging back in 2003, when an online friend’s YM status was a linked to a website. Clicking that link brought me to a website she created, and I was amazed that she accomplished such a thing. I didn’t know it was called blogging, and I sort of felt ashamed for asking a high school student how she created one while I was the one in college, taking up computer science, but instead of practicing what I learned in school, I was using my spare time playing computer games.

In my attempts at learning to design my own blog template, I self-studied CSS and PHP, and learned how to use photoshop with the help of a guy I met through blogging, he became my mentor and is still a good friend (even though we rarely communicate). I also met a lot of people through blogging, and though I have not seen most of them in real life, I consider them as my friends.

Back then, people would visit other blogs, read their personal posts, leave comments that actually make sense, and eventually make friends. Nowadays, almost everyone has a blog. Ever since blogging became a money making opportunity, everyone wants to be part of it, and blog-hopping became a chore, especially if you want to bump your online presence or page rank up.

Do people still read blogs? Yes, of course! My pageview increases daily and I have all these followers. But do they really read what you write? I believe there are still people who actually read blog posts but others may just be passers by. How many of your visitors/readers are there to read what you write and are not obliged to do so?

Honestly, I rarely read other people’s blogs. When I do, I leave a comment that has something to do with the whole post or more than one part of it, not just the first paragraph. Although there were a few times that I had to “cheat” but only because I do not know how to respond to what I read.

What about you? Do you really read blog posts? I guess I’ll find out if you did when you leave a comment. 😉

21 thoughts on “Do People Still Really Read Blogs?”

  1. It’s true, the money making nature of blogging have made some just rush into one blog to another though with more people hooked on blogging, there are also more people reading blogs. I like starting my day reading blogs as it gives you an added insight and a new learning.

  2. yes, of course! :)) I love your title! Dahil sa title mo napabasa ako. :)) ” I also met a lot of people through blogging, and though I have not seen
    most of them in real life, I consider them as my friends.”- Love this, Nix. =)

  3. oo nga! Kelan kaya? hahaha yan din nasa isip ko. Sana before ako mag SG ulit mag meet naman tayo. =) >:D<

  4. Yes, people still read blogs, especially those that offer practical answers to questions. I myself love reading blogs. 🙂

  5. That’s good to know. My problem is that there’s so many blogs that I want to read that I end up not reading anything at all. Although there’s the occasional, I’m-just-dropping-by-but-your-article-caught-my-interest thing. I’m also trying to fix my reader so I can actually read and hopefully leave comments on other blogs. Again, there’s too many on my list. :))

  6. Comments do matter, as what I’ve learned from online friends. How can you put a sensible comment without reading the post. Lately nga, I have come across fashion blogs orthe likes and at first, medyo alienated ako. But I do learn lots of new stuff simply reading those blogs. Sad to say, I have never encountered any “Christian Blog” in some blog forum I’m in for the moment.

  7. Your post made me think huh? I guess you’re right. With the money involvement, blogging somewhat became a task like you leave a message, follow and then hope that the person follow you back. Viewers matter. But still, it’s the friends I gain from blogging that matter the most. 😀

  8. interesting post.. i turn to blogs for authentic product reviews and style that normal girls would wear down the streets, for inspiration.. pero yeah honestly i don’t get to read the entries of people i follow na as in post-by-post.. and i blog not really to earn money.. more of creative outlet, brain exercise and meet people with same interests and experiences..

  9. I read a lot of them, and if I have something to say, or liked something I tend to comment. Sometimes I just skim through my feed till I see something that interests me. There are some blogs I comment on everyday and others once or twice a week depending on content and whether or not I have established a connection with the blogger. To me its about community.

  10. Oh wow! You found my other blog. Lol. Thanks for dropping by. I’m trying to read and comment as much as I can, I want to get to know people too, especially book bloggers. 🙂

  11. I read blogs, especially those I am subscribed to by mail. I sometimes actually wonder if my readers read my blog posts too; but just by reading the comments they left helps me answer that question. 🙂

  12. I don’t normally get comments so I don’t know if there are people who read my posts. Although I have a few friends IRL who told me they read my blog. Wish they’d leave comments though. LOL

  13. I love reading blogs 🙂 I don’t have as much free time as I used to, but when I do I make sure to drop by my favorite blogs. I usually don’t leave comments because sometimes I don’t know what to say XD

  14. I read blogs. If I find a blog that I like I definitely read it..and come back to read it again. I usually leave comments if I have anything to say. I’m quite frustrated with the money-making thing with blogs these days, and miss genuine blogs by people who simply enjoy sharing stuff and connecting with people without other intentions than to simply connect and make friends. But there are a few of them still.. which makes me glad.

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