20/52 Happy Momma’s Day

Sunday was Mother’s day. We’re not traditional so we don’t really celebrate things like this. I greeted my mom, and then we went to church. Afterwards, she had to meet with a friend but we ate takoyaki first.

For Week 20: May 13-19, 2012

1 thought on “20/52 Happy Momma’s Day”

  1. THANK YOU FOR REASSURING ME THAT I AM NORMAL XD haha coz we also didn’t really “celebrate” it that much. I made mum a video but that was it. I feel like a terrible daughter still though XD

    and here’s my reply to your comment
    And gack! Let’s have a read-a-thon! OR MAYBE, let’s read a book together sometime so you might be inspired to read? haha! A book club between us two!

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