2018 April Achievements

2018 April Achievements

Is April over already? It sure went by pretty quickly I didn’t even notice. So 3 weeks ago I wrote about my month’s goals and now it’s time to check it off.

April Achievements

I am pleased to report that I was more productive than I’ve ever been. Or it feels that way to me. I vacuumed/mopped the floors every other day; Basically, something was done every day. I’d like to think the dogs are very happy with the clean floors. There’s so much fur shedding on a daily basis that vacuuming as often as possible is required. They also do not make so much mess anymore! I truly believe that your temperament reflects on your dog’s behavior.

Another productive achievement is throwing away unused shoes, which I already did when I wrote my goals down. LOL. I haven’t touched my clothes yet but I’ll get around to it this May. The dresser area has been cleaned out as well. There are still some things on it that I still need to organize though.

Keeping Track of Things

Tracking my spending habits is still on point. I spend a lot less on food this month. My budget was Php4,000 and I only spent a total of Php3,423.50. To think there were even times when I had to eat out. What helped was my mom paying for some of my meals since I visited her more than twice this month. The bad news is, my food expense will blow over this May because I ran out of salad dressing, condiments, and other food stock. But it’s okay, purchasing in bulk will be beneficial in the next few months. I think I saved a few bucks this April, so that’s a big plus.

My Bible reading habits are improving. I’ve constantly read my daily devotion every morning except for the last 3 days of April because I don’t know. I lost myself. But it’s all good. I’m getting back on the horse and start reading again.

Sometimes we fail

I failed so hard on the ‘active’ part of the goal. While I did well with exercising for the first week, I totally neglected it the succeeding weeks. Why? Well, I was still in the middle of correcting my body clock. I tried sleeping as early as possible to wake up as early as I could. I might ditch the plans to go swimming every Tuesdays and Thursdays and just focus on walking around the neighborhood and doing some quick workouts at home. But I don’t know. I would still want to go swimming.

It’s so easy to put all my attention on the goals I failed, but I chose to appreciate the ones I achieved. They may be small feats for most, but they’re a big deal to me. Focusing on the positive helps me strive to be better and just keep working on myself until I reach my goals. Failing doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying to reach those goals, it just means I need to take a step back, re-assess the situation, and attack it from a different point of view.

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How do you deal with failure? Are you an overachiever? I sure am not. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let’s engage.

2018 April Achievements

23 thoughts on “2018 April Achievements”

  1. What I absolutely loved was that you made the choice not to focus on the goals you did not achieve, but rather celebrate your successes – that is so wonderful! You should feel proud of what you have accomplished last month! You rock!

  2. Love this, I can relate to this so much! well the budgeting is still a work in progress. To me the quote “Dont be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try” helps because at least I tried and soon it WILL get better haha, and to be able to laugh it off

    1. YES. I feel that way too. Girl, I’m a late bloomer. I’ve been “adulting” for years but only intentionally tried “fixing” my life recently.

  3. I was able to save a tad last month and I am extreamly greatful for! Thank you for your inspiring words. Sometimes we fail and its ok. I need to learn to take that failure and turn it into something wonderful!

  4. I need to vacuum my house a whole lot more. I can’t believe you do it every other day! You are so good. As for the work out thing – don’t we all do that?

    1. Yes on the workout. LOL. We live in a small studio apartment so vacuuming every other day is pretty easy to accomplish. It needs to be done otherwise there will be a mountain of dog hair in every corner. x.x

  5. Focusing on the positive and on goals achieved are big motivators. With that kind of focus you are propelled forth into untried areas.

  6. This month is going to be a huge attempt to staying 100% on track of all my goals. I am very optimistic I can make this happen and I have made sure to create a plan to keep myself on track.

  7. Good for you for accomplishing a good chunk of your goals. Every little goal met counts and motivates us to continue to press forward and tackle another one. I try to not beat myself up when I don’t meet my goals in the entirety— I just continue to push forward. Blessings

    1. I actually fail a lot of the goals that I set up but I do not give up. This time I’m pacing myself hence the monthly setup. Cheers 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. I’m not a perfectionist but I have this ideal outcome for a particular goal and sometimes I end up not doing it if I can’t achieve this ideal outcome.

  8. Congrats on having a great month! The active part is what I struggle with now as of late, being so so busy, I unfortunately tend to neglect certain aspects of my health

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