My Lazada Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just a month away and I still can’t afford anything I want. But since I realized I’ve been working for a year now and that I’m getting a 13th month pay, I’ve been browsing through Lazada PH and checking out what I can probably get myself and loved ones this Christmas.

Normally, the first thing any person would probably shop for is a new phone. I definitely need one, but the one I really want is not on the list and I can’t afford the iPhone that I want. So here’s a couple of  things that I want for Christmas.

There’s this one item I’ve been eyeing since I saw it a few months back. It’s the Shake ‘n Go Smoothie Maker.

Shake 'n Go Smoothie Maker
Shake ‘n Go Smoothie Maker

Retail price is Php1,199 but I can get it at Lazada for just Php799! It’s light, compact, and easy to use.

I want this because I’ve been trying to eat healthier by adding fruits to my daily diet. Some days I just don’t have enough time to have breakfast so I thought I’d make smoothies and consume it while I’m on my way to work.

Another thing I want is the Imarflex Quick Snack Maker ISM-9088. It’s down to Php900 from Php1,000.

Imarflex Quick Snack Maker ISM-9088
Imarflex Quick Snack Maker ISM-9088

It’s a good fit for us here in the house since we don’t usually have time to cook. Plus, I don’t really know how to cook. I think I can make whatever I want with this.

What’s with the small kitchen appliances? Well, I grew up with my mom buying me all sorts of kitchen appliances that would “make my life easier”. I still have the sandwich maker, George Forman Grill, and Magic Bullet. All things I need to and want to use soon. Eventually.

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  1. Dre @ Sporadic Reads
    27 November, 2013

    I already have the Shake ‘n Go Smoothie Maker! I do love it because it is easy to use and wash 🙂

    1. Nickle Love
      28 November, 2013

      Awesome! That is good to know. I’ll order mine next payday. 🙂

  2. Nickle Love - Official Lazada PH Blog
    27 November, 2013

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