Meeting Online People in Person aka Plurkfiesta

Photo from @saber_kite

This meet-up happened last November 9 but I forgot to write about it. I know, I suck. Okay, so from left to right we have Tin, Bogs, Kat, Keysi, Shabby, Sara, Lemuel, Rina, Ade, Marcus (in glasses), Larry (head on the table), me and Mia. Yay!

Apart from Lem and Rina, this was the first time I’ve met every one else in person.

It was supposed to be a file share meet-up so I brought my external hard drive and MBP just in case anyone wanted to copy off from me. I didn’t really need to copy anything from anyone but I wanted to share what I had. It was a pretty late hour for file sharing because when my friends and I do this, we’d spend the whole day in the coffee shop transferring files from one laptop/HDD to another.

Since it was the first time me and Mia met these people, we were just sitting quietly, listening to their stories (I’d butt in from time to time if I had something to say), and it was so much fun. All laughs and jokes, talking about common plurk friends who weren’t there. LOL.

Met Tin (themargaritaqueen), who I think is adobrz~

The 3 of us and Ade (ademagnaye).

[L-R] Marcus (headpointernext), Keysi (rastapopolous), Ade and Tin.

The Couples. 
Rina (chocolatehappiness) and Lemuel (suburbandude),
Larry (hilarion) and Tin (themargaritaqueen). <3

And now, the photo dump. XD

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  1. Denise Enriquez
    24 November, 2011

    lol Mia’s faces. XD

  2. Shabby
    25 November, 2011

    I only have one decent shot here. Singit na lang ako sa iba. LOL Tin’s cute as ever. 😀

    It’s nice meeting you, Nixxx :3 Even though we barely got to talk then. Thanks to whoever you saw about that Plurkfiesta (which is actually just a fileshare meet) else you wouldn’t be there. 😛

  3. Shabby
    11 December, 2011

    I forgot to mention, that picture is from Kat. She’s saber_kite on Plurk. starbrite is another person. ^^


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