On Sunday, I wasn’t planning on going out of the house, but then Mia asked me to come over. She bribed me with a carrot cupcake her mom baked earlier that day. Since I haven’t seen her in weeks, I decided to come over. ūüėÄ

We went to Aglow, a salon inside their subdivision, because she wanted to get a manicure and she treated me for a pedicure.

Too far. Too blurred. Heh.
Mia’s nails. They’re supposed to have that cracked effect but it didn’t take. ūüôĀ

My ugly feet.

My ugly face.

Waiting for dinner.

Dinner time!

And for dessert? Leftover icing from the cupcakes. LOL.

Ayaw ako pansinin. Tsk.

I call Mia bitch or whore. BOO YOU WHORE!