Few Things I Bought Some Time Ago

A few weeks back, while mom was in Daiso (Festival Mall branch), there was a bazaar (there always is) right outside the store and I couldn’t help but look at the accessories being sold there. If you know me, I really like accessories, especially earrings, even when I don’t wear them as often as I should. I couldn’t help myself and bought FOUR pairs of pretty earrings. <3

The owl costs Php70 while the rest are Php50 each. I’ve used them except for the owl. The only reason I like owls is because of Harry Potter’s influence and that my book blog is called Night Owl Reads. This also gave me an idea for a giveaway, since I’m a Night Owl, I’m thinking of giving away owl merchandise. It’s a brewing plan. 😉

Other than that, last week I bought this hoodie from the Surplus Shop. I don’t normally shop for clothes but it was raining, I was stuck in the mall, saw this hoodie, it was on sale (Php250), and I bought it.

It was an impulse purchase but I don’t regret it. Hoodies are pretty useful especially in the Philippines’ weird weather, one minute it’s sunny and drizzling the next. It also reminds me of a college friend, she used to wear short-sleeved hoodies all the time. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Few Things I Bought Some Time Ago”

  1. nice earrings… ang tagal ko na hindi nakapunta sa Festival Mall, may five years na ata… pero napapadaan naman ako sa alabang.

  2. aws, they are pretty accessoriesand and I so like your hoodie,perfect for the spring and even winter. Blue is my fav color so bagay sa kain ,hahaha.

  3. Owls have actually become a fashion craze lately, owl rings, pendants, earrings, I see a lot of them these days, maybe that explains why the owl earrings you bought are a little expensive compared to the other purchases…

  4. I think they became a craze because of the hipsters in tumblr. The prize differs because the owl earrings is made purely of whatever that metal is while the others are not. 🙂

  5. True. It’s one of the reasons why I stay away from sales or the mall, my current flavor of the month calls out to me when I pass them by. In college it was bags! My mom would get pissed because every month I have a new bag. LOL.

  6. The earrings and the hoodie somehow tell your fashion style and they may even reflect your personality as well.

  7. Actually impulse purchases are better than planned purchases since its what we buy because we want it compared to planned purchases, it’s more on the needs we are fulfilling and not our desires. Of course, it’s always more economical to plan your purchases.

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