Icebergs Metrowalk and Uno Burger Banchetto

After months of planning on going to Banchetto, Mia and I finally went last Friday. Tin, Larry, and Ade recommended Uno Burger’s Forget-me-nut aka peanut butter burger. They said it was so good, you would forget your name. And try we did.

But before all this happened, we arrived in Megatent a couple of hours earlier. I needed to use the restroom so we walked all the way to Metrowalk. When we got there, I asked Mia if she wanted to eat ice cream first since we needed to kill more time and rest our sore feet. We went to Icebergs.


Pretty ring.

Mia had super halo-halo

I had this awesomesauce halo-halo. I forgot what it’s called.

Mia blows on cold desserts like it’s hot soup. x.x

Afterwards, we went to a sex shop and browsed the items they had. It was fun, we kept asking what some of the items were because they looked weird. Ducks, dolphins, and butterflies will never be the same again. The lingeries were so nice, costumes were so cool, and the shoes are so pretty but super expensive!

We headed back to Banchetto after that and ordered what we came there for. Peanut butter burgers.

It was so good, the camera blurred.

Mia’s reaction after tasting the burger.

I want to go back and get those burgers again, hopefully on Friday. But I’m a little broke right now so the chances for that are slim. 🙁

We definitely recommend trying out forget-me-nut from Uno Burger.

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  1. doyoumindifislytherin
    30 January, 2012

    Hahaha I look so sabog na XD
    I don`t remember you taking that picture of my ring haha

  2. Loise Veloso
    31 January, 2012

    Ohhhh awesome. Burger looks good :P~


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