First Calligraphy Anniversary


I didn’t have enough time to take my own photo for this post so I just took a photo from Pexels.

It’s been exactly a year since I first started learning modern calligraphy. My interest towards this form of art began when I kept seeing beautifully written words and typography all over the web and I thought to myself “I want to decorate my room with that”. I could do it digitally, but there was something about doing it by hand that I find cooler and more interesting.

I’m stingy. I don’t usually spend on things that aren’t practical so I first tried to learn modern calligraphy by googling how to fake them. That’s when I first learned the “trick” to making pretty words. There are a lot of workshops available but I’m not paying 3k for something I can learn by myself via YouTube University videos and other bloggers.

I got myself a cheap watercolor and a couple of ZIG Scroll and Brush pen for practice and just started writing.

I try… I forgot to add the book and chapter but this is from Mark 13:13 I attended the True Life Retreat last Thursday to Saturday and my daily devotion was put on hold until this morning. So I caught up with #GoodMorningGirls book of Mark. The last I read was chapter 12. . I like this verse because it's true. Based on my experience, when I start to talk about my faith and beliefs and what is wrong and right with unbelievers, it's not that I'm hated, but I noticed I'm ignored or looked at differently. They usually go quiet or change the topic. There are some who would start a debate. It's not like imposing my beliefs, but just like everyone else, I am sharing what I know. Is it called an opinion if it's true? If it's based on God's words? . But recently I am more confident to talk about it, to share what I've learned with other people. It gives me great joy to talk about God and His promises. I am excited to share His teachings with my closest of friends. I pray Jesus will use me to bring people closer to God. . Feel free to share your thoughts about this issue. No negativity please. #nicklelearnstowrite

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A week later, I bought the @inkscribbler‘s simple calligraphy kit. It had practice sheets, a pen holder, and a couple of nibs. Ink sold separately. That’s when I learned that you have to do drills for practice and not to write letters right away.

I practiced for months doing drills, joining Instagram challenges, made videos, and writing my daily Bible devotions. I did this for months until August when I went on hiatus. I would still write one and off or when I feel like it. I also wrote names for our singles’ ministry registration. I usually post my writing on Instagram, but if you want to see my progress, you may view the Facebook albums where they are streamlined. Album1, album2.

It’s been a year of on and off writing. I have improved a lot in the first few months since I started learning and have improved much more now. I still write but not as often, but I still want to be better at it. I will be posting more about how I learn, how I practice, and my progress. If you want to go with me on this journey, just leave a comment and let’s encourage each other.


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  1. Ah, a fellow artist! Nice to meet you. I’m more of an illustration / watercolor person and I’m starting to take it seriously na rin. And its true though, you don’t need hyper-professional materials to start a craft. Just the necessities. Congrats on your one year anniversary!

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